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C.A.P.S v2.0

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I purchased a new C.A.P.S v2.0 from Small Green Computer and I am having a couple of issues getting it all hooked up. I know just enough to make me dangerous. I have a network at home with an Apple Time Capsule with 2tb's of hard dive. I store all of my music on this device. My network has PC and Mac computers on it with no problems seeing the Time Capsule and playing the music with J River MC, SongBird & iTunes. The new server cannot see the Time capsule, with Windows 7 installed. I was able to download J River MC off the internet, but no go finding the network storage. Also, I was wondering if I need to change any of the standard settings on J River for better sound once I get this working. Thank you in advance for any help!!



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Can't help on finding the Time Capsule, but this article should help with Win 7 and J River:







Main system: MPaD -> Fanless VortexBox -> Emotiva XDA-1 -> Adcom GFA-555II -> Working on the rest

Desktop System: J.River Media Jukebox -> WIN7 -> HRT Music Streamer II -> Virtue Audio One.2 -> DIY Martello speakers


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This sounds like a really neat music server. Just the thing.


Sorry if this info is posted elsewhere... I couldn't find it. (1) How does one go about setting up a WIn7 PC to properly boot up, ignore the lack of a graphical display & keyboard, and automatically start the JRiver application? (2)Is there programming involved with getting the JRiver player to work with a 2 x 16 character alphanumeric display and remote? Thanks!




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