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mac mini with MPAD

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Hello, I have a mac mini and an Ipad. I'd love to use MPAD to control and manage my music from my mac mini. I have thus far been unable to make this work though, despite trying to follow some directions on forums.

guess I'm just not technical enough to understand or follow the steps. so, question is a) whether it is actually possible to use my mac mini as a server to be controlled through MPAD and b) how to do I go about this.


all recommendations welcome!


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mPad is an (iPad) application to control an MPD server which usually runs on a Linux computer. You can run MPD on Mac OS X but this is not a task for a computer novice.


Your alternatives are

a) use the Apple Remote on your iPad to control iTunes (and by extension BitPerfect, Amarra or PureMusic.

b) instead of using a MacMini use a Linux based server such as the Auraliti system or Vortex Box / Sonore. Then you can use the mPad application.






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