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  1. thanks @kennyb123, The idea is indeed to be rid of my NAS, Aries and Sonicorbiter and have internal storage, which I intend to back up to somewhere in a cloud. I've got a Roon account, so ever the better with either CX or EX. My current thinking is indeed to probably opt for the CX, my post is mainly to see if anyone has a valid reason to start with the EX, (other than financial). Secondly, I see you've got an Innuos, which I am still considering. Are you using that with Roon? thanks again!
  2. Hi there, I'm close to either buying an Antipodes CX or an EX as I can't afford to get both of them at the same time. Does anyone have experience with these two separately? I realise best thing to do is to go check out for myself - which I will, but it'd be interesting as well to get feedback from users who've probably had more time / experience than I'll have to audition. thanks!
  3. hi there, I may be interested - partly depending where you're located. can you please confirm? thanks,
  4. thanks @JCN3 and sorry for the late response on my side. for some reason your setup does not appear to work for me. I'll have to do some more digging. I'm using MAC, so did use the SMB version, yet to no avail (yet). I'll reach out to small green computer as well, to ensure I've got things set up correctly from that end.
  5. Hi there, I've been running Roon on a sonictransporter for quite some time using minimserver, with all my music stored on a synology NAS. Since recent, for some reason I kept losing my library and in an attempt to overcome this, I was trying to bypass the minimserver as I understand it's not needed anyway. I can't seem to get it working though. Can someone describe what I need to enter in the ROON storage settings so I can start using the app again. Here's my setup: Music on a dedicated folder on the Synology NAS. Roon runs on the sonictransporter an Auralic Aries then acts as my server which then goes to my DAC and on towards amp. connections all wired to the same router using ethernet cables. probably something simple, yet for this user, it appears to have been too challenging.. any help is well appreciated! thx, M
  6. I've recently taken my PK90 out of the closet after a few years not having used it and indeed discovered that MPAD is no longer. I've been trying to set up soundirok and loading my library takes next to no time, yet I can't get the album covers to show. My library is still on the same HD and all covers are named folder.jpg. Anyone know how to set up soundirok to recognise my covers? thanks.
  7. Eloise, did you ever get this sorting to work with LDS / MinimServer? I've seen Wang Xuanqian's feedback, which I'm puzzled with as a user (as I believe are you). I've just recently learned about the tagging in MinimServer and its possibly potential to bypass the stubbornness of Auralic (in my opinion). anyways, I'd be interested to learn you most recent insights of how LDS could be improved for user experience for Artist/ Album sorting. regards, M
  8. I've had a similar experience with my entire library after rescanning it (I use minimserver as well). I.e. album art getting randomly linked with albums. waiting a bit, closing and restarting LDS has resulted in things having sorted themselves out again. I'm not using playlists a lot and have not had this scrambling (yet) wit the ones I do have. I got 1.6 too. M
  9. Many posts ago on this thread, below wish list was posted. I've recently started using an Auralic Aries and definitely recognise some of these as myself. 1) Sorting order needs to be from # to Z and Z to # 2) App is slow to update artwork when scrolling 3) In album playing now view, the playing track needs to be highlighted 4) Auto sleep for the ARIES screen like the Vega 5) View on iPad in portrait view 6) Text font "bold" option. Some with weak eyes might struggle a little bit. Especially #'s 1,2 and 5 I would add on my wish list and would add the following: - the way 'various artists' albums are dealt with (I've seen the early posts by Eloise), - I would like an option to choose which default view to use and not just 'by album' - like others have posted, I would prefer the words like The, A etc not to be considered in sorting orders - I'm coming from using MPad with Auraliti and the 'consume' function I would surely like to have on the Lightning App as well. (basically a track disappearing from view in the queue once played) From a sound quality perspective, a great step forward vs the PK90 I was using until recently, from a user friendliness point of view though there is some work to be done in my opinion. I've not scrolled through all 20 something pages to find potential answers to these wishes and apologies if some had already been offered. cheers, M
  10. thanks for the response. it's not the Mac Mini per se, but the Audirvana that does the trick in my opinion. It's early days, but so far I've liked what I've heard through Audirvana better than from the Auraliti. I'm using the standard power plug, not the lineair power supply. I also do prefer the mPad over iTunes, though what I don't like about the mPad is that it does not save play lists after power is switched off - does not happen often, but it I've found it very annoying to have lost them.
  11. Realising that there are lots and lots of posts or reviews to be found online, I'm reaching out to this forum for some 'expert' opinions/ experiences on usage for music servers without internal DAC. I've so far used an Auriliti PK90 with Mpad control through Ipad, but after a recent comparison with Audirvana (on my system with my ears) I'm tempted to move to the latter (primarily soundstage is better perceived using Audirvana on Mac mini). Of course I could use the Itunes interface, but personally am not too impressed with this - especially knowing there are far better control apps available - yet most likely not with Audirvana. DAC wise, I've been very happy with my Antelope Zodiac Gold and am interested in upgrading to the Platinum. So, in short, am looking for a music server solution that will help me better experience my music (similar to Audirvana) while matching or improving the Mpad app, yet ideally without having an onboard DAC, as I have a DAC I'm very happy with. any feedback welcome, M
  12. Lectori Salutem all, I've been using Auraliti's PK90 for many months now and am very happy with it, using Mpad/ Mpod to control it and stream to my system. prior to that I'd used Audirvana, but only as standalone on my mac and have never tried the pro version. I am aware though of all the excellent reviews Audirvana Plus has been receiving which has triggered renewed curiosity. So, question is if there's anyone having made a head to head comparison between the 2, both from a sound quality point of view and from an easy of use angle. I'd see myself using again my iPad as main controller, running the Audirvana from a 2011 Macmini. thanks, M
  13. I'm trying to stream movies to my TV from my Mac Mini using an HDMI cable between the 2. This works fine if both sound and image are playing from the TV, yet I want the sound to be channeled to my DAC and onwards to my amp. I've connected a USB cable to the DAC and set the sound output to the DAC from the mac mini, yet the HDMI appears to 'overrule' this setting as the sounds continues to play from the TV. any clues? thanks, M
  14. I've had the Antelope Gold +Z combo for over 1/2 year now and think it's great. I've not been able to compare it with the BADA, but in my opinion and in my system it outperformed the NAIM DAC and the Ayre QB9 for example. am using auraliti PK9 USB as source. the antelope does need a lot of hours to burn in, but once it has, it's worth every $.
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