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Headphones (AKG K702?) for peachtree nova

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Hi, I'm looking for a pair of headphones in the $300 street price range. The AKG K702 looks like a possibility but I've read they need a strong headphone amp in order to perform well. I've got a peachtree nova and am wondering if anyone has tried the nova with the AKG K702. Any other headphone recommendations in the $300 range are welcome as well.

Thanks much.


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I've found the K702 to be really hard to amp. I'm not sure I've heard it with the Nova. At about that price, I really like the DT880 250 Ohms: http://www.headphones.com/Headphones/Beyerdynamic-DT-880-PREMIUM-DYNAMIC-SEMI-OPEN-BACK-FULL-SIZE-STEREO-HEADPHONES-IMPEDANCE-250-OHMS-DT-880-250OHM-56715.html


I think these are my favorite for the price for the simple fact that they're so well balanced (extremely neutral)...tubes really round out the tone beautifully. They're also really comfortable!!



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I've owned AKG K702's for a year now. They do require a decent headphone amp, but they're not particularly hard to drive. I'm using HeadRoom's Micro Amp and DAC with great success. One caveat is they require a huge amount of break in time. 300 hours minimum. And seriously consider an aftermarket headphone cable from Cardas, Moon Audio, or Headphile.


Chris M.

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