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Ultimate upgrade - best Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer

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Up for sale is a unique Auralic Aries G2.1 ‐ best of all Auralic Aries! 


This kind of upgrade nobody does (at least I haven't seen any) unless they do that for themselves, like I did. I am selling only because I have another project.


This Auralic Aries G2.1 is way better than G2.2, even better than the upgraded G2.2. Yes, G2.2, like all Auralic devices, has a bad power supply, so it already got upgrades...


So, here comes the ULTIMATE ARIES UPGRADE:

- power inlet Furutech (Alpha-copper rhodium-plated),

- new connectors Furutech (copper gold-plated) from inlet to the switch and to the power board

- way better quality mains power switch

- new pure copper (99.9999 OFC) in teflon (best insulation known for audio) 1mm² (17awg) wiring throughout the unit (instead of stock tinned brass wire 0.5mm²)

- modified Hoer-wege power supply,

- used Cardas silver solder 

- copper gold-plated connectors go to the main board, and I'm using better connectors' housings than the stock ones

- vibro dampening material on the chassis 

- EMI shielding and

- RF absorbing material in critical areas.


The sound improvement of the Ultimate upgrade is huge! It is very much comparable to the power supply swap upgrade. So this Ultimate upgrade kind of 2 times better than the well-regarded Hoer-wege power supply swap upgrade. And many times better than the stock one!


Power supply swap (1st stage upgrade)  improved overal musicality, and gave a sense of how good the Aries main board is. The Ultimate upgrade unlished the full potential of both Hoer-wege power supply and Aries main board! The improvement is across the entire audio spectrum: way better bass articulation and slam, high frequencies are so crean and detailed yet nimble, instrument and voices isolation drastically improved, and silence is never been so quiet! 


I am selling this gem with BONUSes!

- 2Tb Samsung 860 EVO SSD almost full of music (around 4,000 albums),

- remote control,

‐ external drive for CD playback and ripping. Read about this unique CD Player and Ripper functionality below.


Also, I can offer for an extra cost two Hi-End cables:

- USB cable Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy CryoSilver Reference PowerFree 1m


- AES/EBU Crystal Cable / Siltech Silver Reference 3m


Most believe that Aries G2.1, which is a major improvement over the very high rated Aries G2, is the best sounding and most versatile streamer/music server available for a reasonable price.


Auralic G2.1 has many features, including TWO SEPARATE CLOCKS and insane double Faraday cage to isolate critical circuitry.


The only weak part in the stock Aries G2.1 is a mediocre noisy power supply, bad wiring and connectors. This G2.1 I'm offering has a professionally installed power upgrade from Stephan Hoer, the hoer-wege power board. The upgrade also included RF/EMI absorbing and chassis dampening material specific for Aries (inside the chassis).


Now, this is one of the best streamers for sure when it comes to its sound quality, stability, features, software, and looks.


The traditional digital brightness and thinness that people associate with streaming are not the case here. This streamer makes music uniformly more analog sounding. Not in a fake LP way, it just made the music sound more visceral and real, with greater solidity, image separation, soundstage width, depth, even height, and even more coherence, both in terms of frequency and timing.


It supports Roon, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth, and Spotify Connect as well as Qobuz and Tidal streaming, in addition to many other features. It has ) and is an extremely versatile device.


- Wireless or Ethernet cable ready.

- virtually every output imaginable: SPDIF/RCA, AES, USB, and Optical.

- HDD USB input allows any usb storage device or thumb drive to be inserted and music loaded to Aries library with all albums organized with Lightening DS software.

- Roon ready; recognized as a Roon endpoint, can use Roon software on iPad as well.

- will download and display music library from NAS or other upnp storage device for easy playback.

- flawless streaming Qobuz, Tidal and internet radio.




Unique jitter-reducing CD playback feature. By connecting a simple USB optical drive with a good external power supply, you will have a playback system that rivals many of the best high-end CD transports.

This playback feature uses our advanced Memory Cache technology to compare multiple scans of the CD data, ensuring its accuracy. This process eliminates errors and drastically reduces jitter resulting in superior performance.


When ripping, the streamer will read each data sector twice at the speed you select. If the two sets of data match, the read will be considered accurate. The streamer will save the data and move to the next sector. If the two readings do not match, the streamer will reduce its speed and re-read the data an additional 8 times. If all 8 readings are identical, then the streamer will save the data and move on to the next sector. If they are not identical, the most matched reading will be saved and the streamer will continue on.




Lightning OS is full of cutting-edge innovations that bring your music to life like never before. An extensive memory cache with bit-perfect functionality, and on-device playlists help you seamlessly experience and explore all your high-resolution sources. Take control with user apps like Lightning DS or Roon and meet true audiophile streaming.


A 4.0-inch true color in-plane switching display with a resolution of over 300ppi provides complete operational feedback: playback status, configuration settings, and a full library view for browsing your collection.




Streaming File Formats



Sampling Rates

PCM: up to 384KHz in 32Bit

DSD: up to 512


Streaming Inputs

- Network shared folder,

- USB Drive,

- Internal Music Storage (if internal SSD/HDD installed),

- UPnP/DLNA Media Server,

- Native TIDAL and Qobuz Sublime+ streaming,

- Internet Radio,

- AirPlay,

- Bluetooth,

- Songcast,

- RoonReady


Control Software

**** AURALiC Lightning DS for iOS

*** AURALiC Lightning DS for web browser (device settings only)

** OpenHome compatible control software (BubbleUPnP, Kazoo)

* Roon (Roon Core required separately)



Wired: Gigabit Ethernet

Wireless: 802.11b/g/n/ac Tri-Band WiFi



Hoer-wege PSU_.jpg


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