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Chord Dave (Silver)

Up for sale is a Chord Dave that I originally purchased from another member of this forum in 2020. It comes with the original packaging, including the power cord, remote, instruction manual, and previous receipts. I used it daily for approximately 2 years for home listening and mastering recordings. No scratches as far as I can tell, but you be the judge. I mainly listen to (and play) jazz and classical, and the highlights of this DAC for these genres is its timing/speed/coherence, its wide soundstage, and its clear, separated imaging.


I'm selling my all my high-end equipment after a work-related hazard left me with hyperacusis about a year ago, making it difficult to enjoy music in the same way. With no improvement after seeing multiple specialists, I've decided its time for someone else to enjoy my stuff. If you want a truly miraculous pairing with this DAC that comes close to the experience of live music, please see my other advertisements for Chord Ultima 6 power amp as well as the RAAL SR1As.


I'm open to offers, especially if you want to buy what I have listed as a set, but I'm already selling at a very competitive price. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup from Baltimore, MD.


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