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Converting 24/96 Classic DAD to CD and other formats


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Hi. I am new to the forums.


I possess a couple of Classic Records 24/96 DAD's, and I would like to create regular CD's from them, as well as be able download converted tracks to I-tunes


I have an old iMac with Tiger OS 10.4.1. I got as far as being able to split the audio VOB track to individual tracks. I used the 0SEx program and some trial and error, and the tracks play fine in my VLC player ( the permissions indicate read & write capability). But now here's the tough part. I can't find the right format to convert the VOB tracks to a format like AIFF or WAV without getting nothing but white noise. I assume the VOB tracks are 24bit/96000 Hz, since the DAD is 24/96, but I could be wrong. What is the sound file on VOB, WAV??


I have used XLD to try the conversion trick, playing with different formats and bit ratios but to no avail. I also tryed a program called 'a52decx' but that did work at all. It just won't play music, just white noise.


I know if I can figure this out the result will be a standard format CD that will sound better than the regular CD release ( It's Sam Phillips 'Indescribable Wow' and 'Cruel Inventions', the original CD's sound so thin)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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I have a chesky HDAD which is similar. It has one side with DVD Audio and the other side is DVD video. Check your DAD to see what each side has. The DAD may have DVD video and CD. If it has CD, just put the correct side up and rip it. If not, you can use DVD Audio Extractor which requires Windows. Rip either the DVD A or DVD V with DVD Audio Extractor. While doing this you will be presented with a window asking you for the output sample rate. Just choose 16 bit, 44.1 khz and I think you will then get .WAV files that can be burned to CD directly.


Also do a search on this website for DVD Audio Extractor. Chris did a writeup on how to use it.




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I found a MAC version that I sampled. It works OK but 39.00 dollars ?? I don't think the computer itself is worth that much. I did not pay that much for the CD's for sure... It also will not split the VOB files into ten tracks, it makes one long file as far as I can tell.


I already split the VOB file that was on the disc into the 10 tracks on the disc. These are VOB files. What I'm looking to do is convert those VOB files to a workable format, WAV , FLAC, or AIFF, and then burn them to a regular cd


Thank you all for your responses.


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For Classic DADs (as opposed to Classic HDADs which have a DVD-A layer/side) I've had to use a PC and DVD Audio Extractor. Maybe an OS X solution out there, but I've haven't found a good option for ripping DVD-As on the Mac either so using a work PC for them and might as well for these too.


If you're not concerned getting the 24-bit files off, Audio Hijack Pro could probably do the trick.


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