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JS-2, Mint Condition, With Two OEM Power Cables

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JS-2, Mint Condition, With Two OEM Power Cables

For sale in my pretty much mint condition JS-2 power supply.  Lightly used powering a fanless PC and an iFi PRO iCAN Signatue one on each of the rails.  The two cables included are original equipment manufacture purchased with the power supply and are not the latest silver plated ones.


$750 firm.  I have the original shipping containers and the buyer will be responsible for the actual shipping and insurance charges based upon the method and speed that the buyer prefers.  I can ship USPS, UPS or FexEX as desired.


I will accept personal checks or money orders (must clear before shipping) if you like or can take Paypal but the buyer will be responsible for the 3.5% that Paypal tacks on for me to get my money or I suppose F&F might work as well.  Please ask any and all questions you have and thanks for looking!




Denafrips Terminator + DAC fed by a Denafrips GAIA DDC, HTPC running JRiver MC, iFi PRO iCAN Signature headphone amp, Marantz AV8805, OPPO BDP-105 for SACD ripping, Sony UBP-X100ES for watching and listening, McIntosh MC1201s Front L/R with Bryston powering the remaining 5 channels, B&W N-801s, B&W HTM-1 in Tiger Eye, B&W 801 IIIs on the sides and in the rear, JL-F212 sub, ReVOX PR-99Mk II, Rega P10 and Alpheta 3, PS Audio Nuwave Phono Amp, Audeze LCD-4 and LCD-XC, UE18 IEMs, Sony CD3000 rebuilt, Sony VPL-VW995ES laser projector, Joe Kane Affinity 120" screen, Cables: Cardas Clear Beyond speaker, Wireworld Platinum Elite 7 RCA, custom (by me) XLRs using affordable, quality parts 🙂

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