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  1. I have a single source that I would like to connect via S/PDIF coax to two receiving pieces of equipment including a standalone DAC for driving headphones and a home theater video processor that is also, in effect a DAC. So my question is the S/PDIF connection uni-directional (source to receiver) only and I could, therefore, just fan the one output into two or does handshaking between the source equipment and receiving equipment need to happen and, therefore, would preclude me sending the single source to the two receiving DACs? If handshaking is necessary, I suppose powering off one or the other DAC when not in use may work as well. Thanks for your thoughts!
  2. I no longer have the S1 and I am happily burning in a new black X1. Out of the box I notice a much more three dimensional sound stage somewhat akin to Bob Carver's "Sonic Hologram" system from the late 1960s. Very tasty! Also is the beta firmware that was built to address HDMI handshake issues with the AV8805 applicable to the X1 as well? Thanks
  3. I found the definitive thread on Audioshark so no need to respond to this post.
  4. My X1 is inbound and I am considering an upgrade to my QNAP NAS to offer a fiber connection directly to the X1 via its internal fiber optic port. I am quite naïve when it comes to networking so I am asking probably dumb questions but here goes.: The QNAP adapter I am considering is a dual-port 10GBe SFP+ adapter and a TRENDnet Gigabit Multimode adapter on either end of the fiber. Can I directly connect the NAS to the X1 via multimode fiber or do I need some sort of device in the middle to connect to the router to resolve I.P. addresses, etc.? Again, I apologize for my networking ignorance and if my plans don't make sense please let me know.
  5. I couldn't stand it any longer. My first Lumin an A1 was replaced by an S1 both of which served me well but the raw aluminum color of those two unit never quite fit in my rack. In order to "correct" the visual, I bit the bullet and ordered a black X1 which is now inbound from the importer in California. Seriously, it wasn't the color of the A1 and S1 was bothered me. It's my constant desire to upgrade! I look forward to taking my hours in the company of a fine single malt breaking the X1 in. I do have a couple of concern, however, and those are: 1) is that the rest of my system up to the task of allowing the X1 to soar and 2) how best to connect the X1 to my QNAP NAS? I am currently using Cat 7 from the QNAP through the router to a 16 port POE switch into the S1. I suspect there are better, more direct, ways to getting music into the X1. Any thoughts would be appreciated. One note to Lumin: Please don't bring out another flagship machine until I've move on to another plane of existence! (Just kidding)
  6. I was able to reconfigure my system to utilize the S1's HDMI output vice the BNC output that I was using because of the HDMI's handshaking issue I have experienced. The beta firmware seems to have resolved the issue. I look forward to seeing the change incorporated into one of the next formal releases. Nicely done!
  7. With the S1 at least, it was recommended to me not to have both outputs connected simultaneously. Is the design of the X1 such that this is no longer an issue or did I simply misread what you said?
  8. Yes I would like to test the firmware for you! Please ship it to me!
  9. I am getting ready to trade up from my S1 to the latest Lumin flagship. My S1 is about four years old, literally in mint condition and has never been touched by human hands (I always used kid gloves to handle it) and I am wondering what a reasonable resale value I should put on it. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. I have been considering upgrading the power supply in my S1 with one of those audiophile super fuses. Has anyone tried one and, if so, was there any appreciable change in the sound quality?
  11. Thank you for your response! Coaxial appears to work just fine although I cannot get .DSF files to play. Maybe I will have to get the Lumin to resample them to something more appropriate for my AV receiver. Although I suspect there is no interaction between the two, please confirm that connecting both the digital and the analog outputs at the same time do not create any issues regarding sound quality.
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