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  1. Yippee! Excellent for those of us who don't know what we've got!
  2. Thanks very much! It would be helpful if you implemented some more definitive version control so people like me don't get mixed up on what we are running.
  3. I am not really sure because it's been a while since I've used it with my Oppo 103. The files that reside in the AutoScript folder in the root of the thumb drive, AutoScript, AutoScript.TSS, and sacd_extract. The thumbdrive also has a folder called DROP BOX SACD EXTRACT, that has a couple of folders entitled AutoScript and sacd_extract. I am not sure I've used SACDExtractGUI in the past but that would be good to know where to find it as well. Thanks for listening.
  4. Forgive me for losing track of where the latest files are located. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  5. I was being silly, thought better of it, and deleted it. The only reason to go inside would be to replace the fuse, if blown, or put in one of those super fuses!
  6. Got it and thanks! I misunderstood that it was a QNAP application install like minimserver. I see it installs under or as an HD Station application. As I don't typically have a keyboard/mouse/display connected to the NAS I think I'll stay with my HTPC at this point.
  7. This is very interesting to me but when I went to the application section on both my NAS systems I could not find JRiver available for download and installation. Possibly it's available only on specific NAS systems and not mine? Where did you find the application again?
  8. They were spot on with the review but, then, I have been thoroughly biased towards Lumin products beginning with the love affairs with the A1, the S1 and now the X1. It's the three dimensional sound stage the X1 provides that is most attractive to me.
  9. Regarding the analog outputs of the X1, I am currently connecting the X1 via the balanced outputs to the single balanced input on my preamplifier via a 1.0 meter pair of Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7 cables. In my new hardware configuration, I need the single XLR input on the preamp for other duties (a lengthy run (16 feet) from the output of my phono preamp) for the benefits of common mode noise rejection, etc. that a balanced connection would afford me and am considering moving the X1 to an unbalanced connection. I have listened to the X1 via both the XLR (Wireworld cables mentioned above) and the RCA outputs (RCA via relatively inexpensive unbalanced cables) and my ears cannot reliably detect any real difference other than maybe some induced by my own personal biases (XLR is better than RCA). My question is for those of you who have experimented with both the analog outputs of the X1: Which do you prefer and why? Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. My pleasure (after having been through just such as situation myself earlier in life)!
  11. Just a thought. The 10A fuse was put in there for some reason either by mistake or on purpose. If it was put in on purpose it may have been to keep the system running if the 2A was blowing occasionally due to a slightly wonky power supply or issues with the load (the S1). I'd get a supply of cheap 2A fuses and run the system with a cheap one before popping in a $150 fuse only to have it go up in smoke.
  12. The next stop would be a power supply operating "off the grid" and on batteries only.
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