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  1. Thanks for the information. Chopping off bits bad! Those of you who are self-quarantining like we are can find more time to enjoy the music!
  2. Ah, but then of us who are OCD and refuse to use the volume control thingy in the Lumin app because we have been told that the use of that volume control can lead to a degradation in SQ also wonder if going from Norm to Low may also do the same thing. Is going from Norm to Low the same as cranking the volume control in the Lumin app down or not? I guess your own ears should be the final judge in any event.
  3. Yup I hear you. What I've had to do in the past, and still do for two of my channels of amplification, is to purchase some high quality XLR-XLR and/or RCA-RCA male/female attenuators to put inline with the amplification chain to return the volume control to where I think the sweet spot is.. Certainly not the ideal way to interface equipment but the quality of the resistors and other parts used render them inaudible other than the decrease in signal level. They come in varying level of attenuation to fit your needs.
  4. I think that may depend on where in the amplifying chain and how the additional output voltage is obtained. Unless I am looking at it too simplistically, amplifying the musical signal also amplifies the noise the music is riding on and, thus, the s/n ratio remains the same. I do see an advantage if the preamp/poweramp system is noisy and the audible noise increases with an increase in volume control setting. Having to back the volume control down may improve the apparent noise in the system at very low amplitude musical passages and inter file transitions.
  5. From the spec page on the Lumin website, the X1 has and output of 6v RMS on the balanced and 3v RMS on the unbalanced which is a probably several db higher than "normal". But even at 6v I wouldn't think that would be enough to overload a well designed input on a preamp but I could be wrong. I wonder what the spec'd output level is when set to "Low"?
  6. I don't find the amplitude of the X1's analog outputs excessive at either of it's settings and keep mine at the normal setting.
  7. This is true. I've owned my X1 for over a year now and it has never been turned off. I suspect it has 2600 hours on it. It has never stopped streaming and it is still getting better and better every time I listen to it.. I have reached audio nirvana but YMMV (your mileage may vary). My sincere hope is that Pixel Magic, Lumin, doesn't bring out a new flagship before I pass on to the next plane of existence or I will surely go broke.
  8. Boys 'n' girls just being passionate about their hobby and their choices.
  9. Потому что многие производители предоставляют ужасный сервис. (Because many manufacturers provide horrible service.)
  10. Spot on! Preferences vary and the intent of my original post was not meant to trigger or upset anyone. I am thrilled to the core with the X1 as I was with my A1 and S1 that came before. The emotion that the X1 evokes in me every time I listen to it is indescribable and, because I don't have the words that audiophiles typically use to describe superior products available to me, I'll have to leave it at that. The three dimensional sound stage the X1 presents is uncanny and the speakers in my system simply melt away and cease to exist as a distinct part of the system. Aside from the thrill of listening, the build quality is exemplary and the customer service and concern that folks like "wiklie" provide makes the ownership experience unparalleled.
  11. Just received a note from a vendor that the folks from The Absolute Sound have awarded the Lumin X1 their Editor's Choice award coming in their March issue! Well done Lumin!
  12. Yippee! Excellent for those of us who don't know what we've got!
  13. Thanks very much! It would be helpful if you implemented some more definitive version control so people like me don't get mixed up on what we are running.
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