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Fanfare FT-1A FM Tuner in excellent condition. (Price Drop)

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Fanfare FT-1A FM Tuner in excellent condition. (Price Drop)

An ultra-sensitive, ultra-quiet FM tuner that presents broadcast material with a clarity that ís probably as good as it gets with FM radio. 


This is a very well designed and built tuner. True audiophile quality. 


Condition is excellent with no scratches or dents. Original box, a very comprehensive manual and packing. 


This tuner does not have a remote control.


Price negotiable.



Tuning range: FM band 87.5-108.5MHz in 50kHz steps.
Bands: FM only - no AM.
Outputs: 1 pair of balanced XLR, 1 pair of unbalanced RCA unamplified low impedance audio direct from the tuner's multiplex filters (labelled LO), 1 pair of unbalanced RCA line level audio (labelled HI) with upgraded Cardas wiring and connectors



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