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  1. This is just the end point? I'm really looking for a 1 box Roon endpoint + DAC to feed an amp.
  2. Thanks for the ideas everyone. Keep them coming. As an aside, my current endpoint is a microRendu feeding a Bryston DAC but I want to keep the cost and box count under control.
  3. Thank you jiminlogansquare. That's very valuable data. Since we haven't bought a condo yet, we don't know the layout so I think it's probably best to plan for WiFi connectivity. Bluesound was just what my own research had found. I wonder if there are any better solutions? Best regards & stay safe.
  4. Hello all, We may (or may not - depending on Covid19) be acquiring a condo soon and I'd like to repurpose an old amp and speakers until we get a more bespoke system. I need a simple 1 box Roon endpoint + DAC to feed the amp. Needs to be out-of-the-box functional not something I'll need to spend time experimenting with. Cost? Preferably $500 to $1000 as this will be an interim solution. My own research led me to Bluesound NODE 2i which seems good value at $549. Anything else? Best regards & stay safe.
  5. You reviewed all these obscure players but omit the most ubiquitous one of all: iTunes?
  6. Thanks Chris. Very nice review. I have the microRendu. As you say, this class of device allows one to preserve any investment in DACs, amps etc and yet keep up with playing and streaming developments like Roon, Tidal, NAS and so on.
  7. Hi all, I'll be doing some work related travel soon and will be spending a lot of time in hotel rooms. I'd like something smallish that I could stream music to. Maybe the size of a paperback book. Need not be battery operated but must be capable of working in the 110V and 220V worlds. This is mainly just so I'll have some music in the room. I know I won't get audiophile sound. A few years ago I remember the FoxL was popular so perhaps something like that or even a bit larger. Hope someone can help.
  8. Doh! Forgot that one. Was even reviewed here a few weeks ago. Thanks all.
  9. The Node 2 seems ideal. Fantastic price too at $499. She already has an amp - actually an old Marantz receiver from the 80's that sounds fantastic. Weighs a TON. Her plan seems to be to rip (i.e. me do the ripping) her CDs onto a Mac laptop and stream from there. Any other 1 box solutions out there? I'd like to learn for myself as people are always asking me "what should I get". Thanks all for the replies. Much obliged.
  10. Hi, Trying to help a friend out here. She wants a one box streamer / DAC solution - probably something like this I think: https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-Audiophile-Network-Player-AirPlay/dp/B00LIQ3O08 Not interested in buying something a Raspberry Pi and messing around with software, then buying a DAC i.e. some do-it-yourself solution. She's a semi-professional musician with no technical background. Her existing setup is CD player based into a (very nice) pair of Proac 2.5 speakers. Any ideas?
  11. How about general sound quality, ease of use and so on?
  12. Chris, How does this compare with the SOtM sMS-100 Mini Server ? There is a considerable difference in price (more than 2x I think). I'm particularly interested in how these products handle streaming services (WiMP, Spotify and so on). Many thanks as always for your insightful comments and, even more so, your dedication to computer audio.
  13. I know what AirPlay means and is. So do (or should) companies like Marantz. I didn't blame you for anything. Please try avoid the ad hominem attacks. Keep a "civil tongue in your head". If you want the last word on this ... you can have it.
  14. Then why did you bring up the "Air" without "Play"? If I buy something marketed as AirPlay I expect it to work just like other AirPlay devices like AppleTV that do work wirelessly. I think you're being far too forgiving of corporate advertising ...
  15. And without the "Air" the "Play" is useless. We're talking about splitting hairs. Wireless is ubiquitous these days. Claiming something is AirPlay (in big print) and then putting a condition about having to run a wire to it is misleading at best.
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