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How does one get Word Clock info out from DAC (via BNC Coax out) to MacBook Pro?!?

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I have been all over the internet and wanted to follow up on one of Raju's questions relating to a DAC's Word Clock. Rather than hijack his thread, I thought the question should be addressed in a new thread. Is it possible on a MacBook Pro to:


1. Send digital information via Toslink optical out of MacBook ==> DAC (easy part) while...


2. Using the DAC's Word Clock Synch Out (BNC Coax) ==> MacBook Pro?


I would like to do this without dropping $700 on a Lynx or similar card. Perhaps it would be possible to use the analog headphone jack on the MacBook to receive the Word Clock input:


BNC to 3.5mm headphone adapter online



Other ideas? Unlike Raju, the DAC's Word Clock output is only BNC Coax.




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But you can get something pretty close, if you abandon the idea of using the DAC's word clock.


Take a look at www.empiricalaudio.com.


SN is an expert at this sort of thing....


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Thanks W for your input; Empriical has some interesting solutions.


However, I am really looking for elegant and inexpensive ways of dealing with the jitter issues (e.g. taking advantage of the DAC's word clock info and sending that directly to the MacBook). So any ideas down this path would be welcomed.


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