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Proper way to set up for Allo-Digione-Signature


I have had the Signature for some time now and really enjoyed its sweet sound!

And all this time, in /boot/config.txt, there is one overlay statement:


But just about a week ago, I signed up with Volumio in order to get Tidal Connect and problems began.

Music randomly stops. I kick-start it by hitting the next button. At some point, it just won't play. All variations of problems!

Volumio support instructed me to enable I2S Dac and choose Allo Digione as output. Well, that produced audio but same Tidal problems.


So, forgetting the Tidal for the moment (Bluesound has similar issues and they have confirmed the issues),

can someone please explain 'cause I'm really confused:

1) is digione a I2S dac? I know it to be a transport only, not a dac.

2) does it even depend on I2S?

3) how about I2C? how is that different from I2S?

4) it seems to me that i should go back to original dtoverlay and forget about I2S and/or I2C.


thank you for any help...

p.s. There are zero issues with Spotify Connect. I can only conclude the problem lies in Volumio/Tidal integration. And as I said,

Bluesound has acknowledged this and working on a fix.






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