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  1. quick update: in alsamixer, TX source was set to SPDIF/RX; has to be set AIF. now allo signature sings like it always has.
  2. after many months of great performance. Allo is connected to Benchmark DAC that has a led that normally lights up solid when RPI boots up. This morning I installed MPD server and was trying to get it to produce sound. I managed to get it working but the volume seemed lower than normal. RPI also has squeezelite which of course uses allo. During this experimentation, at some point allo stopped producing sound and DAC was blinking its led, which clearly means allo's spdif was not active. First, I uninstalled and purged MPD, and rebooted. Still no sound. Then, I restored a backup image
  3. I have had the Signature for some time now and really enjoyed its sweet sound! And all this time, in /boot/config.txt, there is one overlay statement: dtoverlay=allo-digione But just about a week ago, I signed up with Volumio in order to get Tidal Connect and problems began. Music randomly stops. I kick-start it by hitting the next button. At some point, it just won't play. All variations of problems! Volumio support instructed me to enable I2S Dac and choose Allo Digione as output. Well, that produced audio but same Tidal problems. So, forgetting the Tidal
  4. my brand new DigiOne Signature has RPI 4B. when it boots with dietPi+allo (or for that matter others like picore), built-in wifi is not enabled. when i run dietpi-config, it does show the built-in wifi is On but there is no way to specify desired SSID. i have tried adding it manually to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf but it made no difference. also, doing sudo iwlist scan does not show wlan0. i am able to ssh into RPI via ethernet, eth0. i've tried a lot of things but without success. any ideas? surely the wifi chip is not kaput on this brand new b
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