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DAP for a Car



I have been using an Onkyo DP-S1 to play FLAC files in my auto via an analog in 3.5 mm aux jack. My new 2021 Vehicle does not have an analog in and I don't think many current car models do. It has Bluetooth, Apple Play and it does play FLAC files via USB but the DAC in the car is not very good. Using Apple Play and Qobuz is far superior and may be my only option. My DP-S1 does have Bluetooth aptX HD but does not connect with the cars system. Can anyone recommend a DAP with Bluetooth aptX HD that works with car stereo systems? Has anyone in a similar situation found a work-around? Does Apple Play with a Hi-Rez streaming service sound better than Hi-Rez via Bluetooth? An answer to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

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Hello - I don’t quite understand what you are asking. In my new 2020 Jeep Laredo North Edition I have an Alpine 506 watt amp 9 speakers and it offers surround sound even. My vehicle has 2 USB ports and an RCA auxiliary jack input.

I use an AQ DragonFly Red with an Apple camera kit or whatever its called.

My vehicle has uConnect and Apple CarPlay and utilizes Bluetooth connectivity.

What I have found is that using my iPhone7 with Qobuz and TIDAL via Bluetooth I get as good or better HiRes CD quality sound as with the RCA input with AQ DFR DAC—-PLUS with Bluetooth connection I get the album and performer and song being played on my vehicle’s large touchscreen and don’t get that using the RCA input(so I have stopped using the DFR DAC). I also have playlists on my phone from my iTunes library that I transferred to TIDAL/Qobuz via Soundiz in FLAC or Apple lossless and they sound great.

I don’t understand why you think you need a DAP(??)—I probably just don’t understand all the equipment terminology you are using so I apologize. 

Finally yes Bluetooth sound as good as airplay with added enjoyment of seeing what is being played.


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Thanks for lengthy response my old vehicle was a 2018 Jeep and I used a DAP via analog aux in. I was very happy with this and wanted to continue in the same vein. The new car, a 2021 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium has USB connectivity (can play FLAC files via USB 24/48), Bluetooth, Apple Car Play and Android Car Play. I'm kind of set on using Apple CP with Qobuz. I really like the features of Apple CP, just plug the phone in and it works.

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Yep that’s why i like it also but like i said using Bluetooth gives me album cover album name and song does the 4Runner give you that with CP mine does not it says something like “ device is not supported’ meaning my iPhone or iPad. So I just use the USB port or nothing.

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