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Bit-perfect Bluetooth from Android?

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Is it possible to stream bit-perfect audio to a Bluetooth-capable DAC like the Topping D50s? 


In other words, I don't want Android to change/convert/adulterate the stream from Qobuz or Primephonic while transmitting via Bluetooth. I want bit-perfect streams to reach the DAC. Does that bit-perfect stream happen automatically, or does one need to configure the phone? 


I know that Android typically downsamples hi-res audio to 16/44 when playing the audio through headphone or USB-C jacks. Will Android leave the Bluetooth audio stream at, say, 24/192 when sending the stream to a Bluetooth-enabled DAC?



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No, it is not possible to stream bit perfect with Bluetooth. In order to stream from your Android via Bluetooth, the qobuz FLAC file will be converted to a Bluetooth codec such as LDAC, APTx, SBC, etc. All Bluetooth codecs are lossy. 


LDAC claims to be Hi-res but is still limited to 990 kbps at 32bit/96 kHz.

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