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Exasound DAC - HQPlayer vs ROON for Upsampling Up To DSD256

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Recently got an Exasound s88 multi-channel DAC, in my family room/dining area/kitchen a great large room with high sloped ceiling. 5.1 system with 5 on wall Totem Acoustic speakers (3 Tribe V and 2 Tribe III) and 2 REL 9/Ti subwoofers. Setup to be grandchild proof! With 5 PS Audio Stellar monoblocks, 3 M1200s and 2 M700s. Western Digital MyCloudPR4100 32TB server with nearly 7000 albums of which over 900 are multi-channel, resolution up to DSD256. Small Green Computer Sonic Transporter i7 for ROON DSP. I've had a lifetime ROON membership and have used ROON for about 5 years now, before was just in my dedicated theater, where I downsampled via ROON to 192k/176k/96k/88k to use with Theta Casablanca IV-A SSP and then Trinnov Altitude 32 SSP.


Now with the Exasound s88 I have liked upsampling to DSD256 via ROON, which is easy to setup to upsample with. 


Anyone using ROON but also HQPlayer for upsampling with an Exasound DAC, and if so, what do you perceive as the benefits vs upsampling with ROON alone?











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