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  1. So how do you like using the Coleman switcher - is it sonically transparent in your system?
  2. Excellent. Listen to a lot of 2 channel. Then when you get the Coleman switcher listen to a lot of the same 2 channel. See if you find what Kal found, then I found, that the Coleman switcher "sounds" transparent!
  3. You are not dumb. You are learning, as we all do when it comes to this crazy hobby! Heck, you live in Vegas, right? Instead of spending money in the casinos you are listening to great music - this makes you very smart!
  4. I use my s88 as a ROON Ready via ethernet, I do not use the USB input. The s88 channel trims work and show in the s88 menu whatever I play, DSD or PCM.
  5. I also posted this at the Quadraphonic Forums. But I think this is of interest to us Exasound and ROON Ready luvers. In my dedicated home theater, prior to tear down for upgrade and renovation (still in progress), I then had a 5.2.4 system, with my Trinnov Altitude 32 SSP. So for Dolby Atmos music, I let the disc player send bitstream to the SSP, which decoded the Dolby Atmos music (as well as movies and concert discs with Dolby Atmos, too). My understanding was that you had to have the player send bitstream for Dolby Atmos to be properly decoded. Hopefully in reading this thread that understanding is WRONG! I've used ROON for music for years. In my theater, my ROON Ready via ethernet Trinnov Altitude 32 SSP will sound better via ROON Ready than by playing the disc using HDMI. And with my theater upgrade/renovation I will have plenty of channels - 11.12.12. In my family room I have a very nice musical system also using ROON Ready via ethernet Exasound s88 multi-channel DAC, 5.1 channels with on wall Totem Audio (3 Tribe V and 2 Tribe III) speakers and PS Audio monoblocks (3 M1200 and 2 M700) and a few REL subwoofers. (A 7.1 or Atmos speakers is not practical due to physical restraints and very high vaulted ceiling.) I have a multitude of ripped and bought/downloaded music, including a lot of multi-channel ripped from blu rays and SACDs. Many 2L blu ray audio discs ripped. I use DVD Audio Extractor to rip and AnyDVD HD to decrypt when necessary. Some blu rays have DTS-HD 7.1 tracks as well as 5.1, and I have ripped both. I assume ROON automatically folds 7.1 into 5.1 as I have set ROON to a 5.1 system in my family room. Am I correct about this? Some blu rays have DolbyTrueHD 7.1 tracks/Dolby Atmos. One has DolbyTrueHD 5.1 tracks/Dolby Atmos. So in my theater to be 11.12.12 system if I play these ripped tracks via ROON Ready va ethernet Trinnov Altitude SSP will I get the full Atmos music/soundtrack, or do I need to play the disc via bitstream to the SSP to do this? And in my 5.1 family room system, will the 7.1 DolbyTrueHD with Atmos be folded into the 5.1 surround channels? Thanks.
  6. Paul McGowan of PS Audio in one of his videos advises that 32 bit offers no sonic advantage over 24 bit. 24 bit is like 144 dB dynamic range, well above our hearing whereas 32 bit is even far more above our hearing at like 199 dB dynamic range. Interesting.
  7. Sound Liaison has direct to digital but only 2 channel DXD (and some other older PCM stereo) downloads which sound magnificent! At NativeDSD, when it indicates that the recording/mastering is done in DXD, I get the DXD version. Bottom line is the s99 DAC sounds great whatever I play, letting the s88 to all the conversion (instead of my ROON Core doing it, although my Exasound Delta does a great job upsampling as well). And perhaps unless you have a super super super expensive system (as opposed to an outstanding and not cheap system), it can be real nitpicking to hear the difference between DXD and DSD!
  8. I downloaded from NativeDSD "Forgotten tales of a Forest" - Ikumi Ogasawara, in 32 bit. I got the DXD 384-32 bit version as that's how it was recorded and mastered. Also, I love Sound Liaison Recordings, and I have 2 of them in DXD 32 bit. And yes, s88 plays 32 bit. If you upsample to max in ROON then it will play for 5.1 in DSD256 64 bit. However, with the s88 in my system upsampling via ROON (as opposed to letting s88 do all the processing) gives no overall sonic benefit and at times may even detract a bit.
  9. Kal, as always, thanks for the great info! When I get time and get around to it, I'll try JRiver in the above fashion, using my Western Digital MyCloudPR4100 with its music, my laptop with JRiver, and the s88 DAC. Since my laptop will be in effect streaming over to the s88, and Exasound recommends hardwired ethernet for multi-channel hi res, I'll simply run a long ethernet cable over to the table where my laptop is when I do this. If I like what this does and how JRiver sounds for stereo converted to 5.1 (If), then I have a spare unused Windows 10 i7 PC I could place by my Western Digital server, hardwired ethernet, running JRiver, using my remote laptop or iPhone simply as a JRiver Remote.
  10. Kal, thanks. Your very last sentence begs the question - can the s88 be configured to receive audio from my Western Digital MyCloudPR4100 server which contains all my music but does not contain JRiver software? I can run JRiver on my Windows 10 laptop to access the music on my server, and then can I via JRiver over ethernet sent the music files to the s88 to play, and if so, how? Thanks.
  11. Questions re the s88 and JRiver (its been years since I used JRiver, and when I did, USB for 2 channel and HDMI for multi-channel with a custom modded CAPSv3 with an AMD Sapphire HDMI card (for multi-channel) and a SOTM Express USB card (for stereo, higher quality sonics): Can JRiver expand 2 channel to say 5.1 or 5.2 channel? When it does, does it simply add blank to the unused channels, or does it actually add some sonics (as does Auromatic, Dolby or DTS with a AVR or SSP)? If yes to the above (the only circumstance by which I might consider at times using JRiver instead of ROON), does this have to be via a HDMI connection,is it done via USB, or can this be done simply via ethernet connection? Thanks.
  12. If only it was available in multi-channel as I have several circa 2000 onward SACDs which I have ripped which are multi-channel and are excellent!
  13. I have ripped a lot of blu rays using AnyDVD HD to decrypt and DVD Audio Extractor to rip. That's how it always is, no metadata on blu rays. However, with DVD Audio Extractor, if someone has uploaded the track into, then I can download it - assuming its correct. It can be frustrating at times like you say.
  14. I found out today that the download version is ONLY 2 channel not multi-channel. I have sent PS Audio an inquiry about this, as the website doesn't warn that the download does not have the multi-channel version, but have not heard back yet. This album was recorded a few miles from my home at the Mesa Arts Center, where I've been many times! And I've heard and met Zuill Baily there - he directs their classical programs. I have a front row seat for him there next April!
  15. We will only be using the Bluesound speaker via Airplay with wi-fi, so its "ROON Ready" ability to do up to 192-24 is for use of no use. Keep in mind that your receiver chip is processing at either 44k or 48k - if you want to experiment, use ROON to downsample to 44k and 48k from 192k and "see" if you hear any difference. The fun of audiophilia!
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