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Streaming from Web through ultraREndu, Aurelic Aries, Waversa WStreamer ?

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I apologize if this has already been discussed but i could not find it.

I mostly play from Audirvana from my Mac, and stream from Soundcloud, sometimes Bandcamp.
Now i know about uPnP/DLNA and understand that Audirvana works with ultraREndu and Waversa WStreamer, but apparently does not work with Aurelic Aries Femto?

What about Soundcloud and Bandcamp? If i connect my DAC to the streamer like ultraRendu, Aries Femto or Waversa WStreamer - will i not be able to play music anymore from Soundcloud or Bandcamp through the DAC simply because it will not be accessible in the OS to streaming from Web browser? This would suck.

I have to to use some of the aforementioned streamers because my computer is not close to my audio system - and long USB cables only make the sound worse. So streaming through the network to the DAC remains The option.

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Ok i figured it out, comparing supported features of different devices.
I would be able to play music from SoundCloud and BandCamp via Airplay in Mac. AirPlay is only CD-Quality - 16/44, and even though Soundcloud stream is often 48KHz, it would be pretty acceptable.

So this makes Waversa WStreamer as a way to go since it supports both Audirvana for HiRez and Soundcloud etc. via AirPlay. Not sure if ultraRendu supports AirPlay and even more so about older Auralic Aries working with Big Sur Airplay.

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Just now, cfisher said:

I have been trying to figure this out myself with no real luck. I suppose I could get a sound card and connect it directly to the DAC. I was embarrassed to ask the question because it seems like it should be easy to stream the computer output.

It is not easy at all if you have multiple sources of music on your computer.

How did you plan to connect it to the DAC? AES is usually the best way. This is definitely an option for a PC.

But not for MacBook. Yes i could use an external soundcard, but i am not a music or sound-pro.  AirPlay seems the best way for Macbooks/Mac Minis for multiple sound sources (e.g. also movies streaming)

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