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  1. Yeah, probably AES. I was surprised that there was not an easy way to do this with my Ultrarendu but Jesus didn't have much guidance. It's also surprising that Roon can't easily stream the system output.
  2. I have been trying to figure this out myself with no real luck. I suppose I could get a sound card and connect it directly to the DAC. I was embarrassed to ask the question because it seems like it should be easy to stream the computer output.
  3. Did you see that video about adjusting them? It's kind of nice to know from the start that they are actually super sturdy and adjustable.
  4. Yeah, but for that reason, I would love to hear Chris make some sort of comparison between the Boulder and the ARC.
  5. Andy at Vintage Tube Services is the best. For whatever reason, he refuses to go along with the price-gauging.
  6. Looking back, I have added over 1000 albums from Tidal to Roon. That is because I just can't get enough music with the SR1A. Also, tubes that I bought and was not impressed with before the SR1A sound incredible now. I recently got a 1960s Telefunken 12AX7/ECC83 and it is just magical.
  7. Well that's good to know! Thanks. I think they were right to lop a letter off that hideous product name. Still, not sure why they didn't keep the better branding.
  8. I don't know. The aesthetic differences are improvements (shiny and better brand logo). I emailed Danny. I will post if he replies.
  9. Anyone know what the difference is between the SR1a and SRH1a? I see some cosmetic differences but do we know if there is anything more than that? [stole the image from Jek Murao on FB group "The Headphone Experience"]
  10. I think the person was referring to the ability to open and close the baffles and to wear the headphones next to your ears or over your temple.
  11. Was just reading someone's initial impressions on FB and he mentioned that there are so many different ways to wear the SR1a including backwards. My first thought was that wearing them backwards is totally stupid and then I tried it. It does wrap the soundstage around your head in an interesting way. I'm sure this won't replace the way I normally wear the headphones but I have to admit I kind of like it. It's probably particularly well suited to the free jazz that I listen to. This is what is currently playing:
  12. I don't think you could use it to power the Unison board if that is what you are suggesting. Back to Abtr's suggestion about Schiit discontinuing Eitr to prevent cannibalizing Unison sales, I'm skeptical. That doesn't seem like Schiit's style to me, particularly with the new Thunderdome approach. I expect there are real improvements with Unison. I am just not motivated to send my DACs back for the upgrade at the moment.
  13. Interesting to hear everyone revisit their Eitr impressions. At the start of the pandemic, I decided to upgrade my headphone system by buying a pair of RAAL-requisite SR1a and Jot R. Recently, I have been going back and forth with two sources: Microrendu (LPS 1)>Eitr>Gumby and Ultrarendu (LPS 1.2)>Gumby. I have to say that I stand by my initial impression that the Eitr makes the difference between the Microrendu/Ultrarendu very difficult to discern, even with better power going to the Ultrarendu. I haven't upgraded my Yggy to Analog 2 yet or either DAC to Unison. I suppose I will do
  14. Apparently, RAAL-requisite used the Benchmark AHB2 in their development of the SR1a. If there are specific tracks you come across that sound noisy, please post the titles. I would be interested in hearing them on my system.
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