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Grace Designs M903 reference headphone amplifier / DAC

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Grace Designs M903 reference headphone amplifier / DAC

I will be sad to see this one go. It’s worked like trooper. (USB works fine for latest Sierra Mac)


It’s gorgeously designed and has a terrific feel to operate. Fantastic for hifi / headphone /TV / balanced / unbalanced inputs 


No manual (but all available online) 


includes brand new remote.


One minor blemish hardly noticeable. Years ago It took a tumble with a headphone jack plugged in so the front plate at the jack area is ressed / dented in about 1 or 2mm. 


it has a classy “sliky” sound.


£600 UK / $800 + shipping 



Hifi: Qobuz, Roon, Wiim Pro, Mutec MC3+USB, Mutec SF 10 120SE, Grace Designs M903, ADAM Audio A5X  + sub.


Portable: iPhone 13 pro max, Qobuz, Airpod Pro 2, calibrated with Mimi audiogram / apple health 

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