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Cambridge CXN V2 + Schiit Magnius + HifiMan HE400S = No sound


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Hi TJMAximus,
Just some add ons to Chris' observation:

Looks like the balanced cables were connected correctly.

In that case, check the manual of the CXN:
- Test out if your USB is recognized at the frontend (having Enter Sandman on the screen indicates that the source had been accepted),

- choose the correct input
- verify the CXN is in the correct audio state (should be digital pre amp mode-> OK)

- if everything is tuned correctly, follow the Schiit manual.
- Eventually try the golden TRS adapter directly with the Schiit input (both 1/4?), without another cable in-between to minimize sources of failure.

- The Magnius is known to perform to its best via Balanced Output, there's a lot of power available and this should drive the HE-400i well, however I doubt that for the 1/4 socket because it has significantly less power  
- The HE-400i- 2020 I have at hands require a busload of power to sing ... and I already came across a headphone amp (even with balanced outputs) that doesn't provide enough juice to drive them correctly..

- To check out if the HP amp itself and if it  does what it should you may use an adapter for mobile phones headphone sockets / USB3 out to RCA for easy functional testing.

Good luck, Tom

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