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Parasound JC2 BP Preamplifier - NEW Model

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Parasound JC2 BP Preamplifier - NEW Model

For sale is my like new (only four months old), fabulous sounding Parasound JC2 BP preamplifier. Purchased new from an authorized dealer. It's in perfect condition -- absolutely no blemishes -- and has the NEW FACEPLATE!  I have all of the packaging and accessories.  Had some personal circumstances change and need to simplify my set up.


The unit is $4495 new.  Asking $3100 plus shipping.


Would love to avoid shipping if possible so willing to deliver or meet if you're in New England, NY, northern NJ, northeastern PA, etc.


Please let me know if you have questions.


(1) simaudio moon mind 2 > chord dave > luxman cl-38uc/mq-88uc > kef reference 1
(2) simaudio moon mind 2 > chord qutest > luxman sq-n150 > monitor audio gold gx100
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