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PS Audio Silver DIrectstream DAC w/Bridge II, MQA

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PS Audio Silver DIrectstream DAC w/Bridge II, MQA

Stereophile A+ and product of the year, with rave reviews across the board. The PS Audio Directstream DAC is one of the great bargains in hi-end audio. I've compared this DAC to a wide variety of world class DACs, including the Bricasti M1 SE, and Mytek Manhattan II, and preferred it for its warmth and musicality. One of the nice things about it is its FPGA circuitry allows periodic firmware updates, basically providing an improved, new unit which evolves with the times. Still, you can roll back and choose the firmware you like best. The current Windom update was a massive improvement and moved the DAC to another level.


The excellent Bridge II card obviates the need for a separate renderer and supports full MQA. 


I'm selling because I'm moving from an apartment to a spacious house for the first time. Compared to the unbelievable price of Seattle real estate, going crazy on a whole new system didn't seem so expensive.  So I'm replacing everything and have purchased a DAC over twice the price. However, I can tell you the improvement was subtle to moderate. I've actually questioned the decision, but here I am.  I'm upgrading everything so I'm also selling Bel Canto ref 600 mono blocks, a PS Audio BHK preamp with extra tubes , Kef Reference 3 speakers, and tons of Tellurium Q, SOtM and Tara Labs cables, and have already sold Antipodes CX, EX and P2, Kef LS 50s. and a MUTEC clock.


The unit is about 3 years old and is in excellent condition, as the photos attest. It is upgraded to the latest firmware. List is $6898 and I'm selling it below market for $3600. Check US Audio Mart, these DACs with the Bridge II are selling from 3900 to 4100.


Some great reviews - even prior to the groundbreaking Windom release. 





Comes with all original boxes, packaging, and remote.


Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal fees. I accept friends and family.


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