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Xonar SoundCard and Audacity



I have an Asus XONAR SE 5.1 Gaming Soundcard in my HP Pavillion pc, running on Windows 10; output works as I can connect a pair of Advent 120N speakers and play music from either rear lime green socket or headphone socket on front panel (Orange intel header removed from HP motherboard and connected to ASUS Front panel autoheader). I can also connect a toslink from the card to my Cambridge Audio DAC/Creek headphone amp and then onto my Sennheiser RS180 headphones and get music through them.


Now I want to connect my Rega Planar3/RB300/LinnK9, via a Cambridge Audio 640P phono pre amp, and a Yamaha KX800 cassette deck to rip LPs and cassettes.

I want to use Audacity to record from the mic Front panel input when fed by either the 640P or Yamaha outputs.

When I open Audacity it shows Windows WASAPI, Microphone (Xonar SoundCard), 2(Stereo Recording), SPDIF Interface (XONAR SoundCard). Windows 10 > Setting > Sound > Input = Microphone (Xonar SoundCard)

I have connected the Yamaha and played a cassette, it is playing as headphones connected directly to it play the music and its digital meters shows the stereo volume. But When I press Record in Audacity the cursor moves but no sound is recorded. Recording volume is set at 50% but moving to 100% makes no difference. There is no sound from the connected Advent speakers.

I have used Audacity on my pc to record from web pages; this is not working now even though web page sound is being passed to the speakers.


What am I doing wrong?


Any advice please?

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I encountered similar situation before and found it is caused by Windows 10 operating system design change.


Start → ⚙Settings → Privacy → Microphone and "Allow apps to access your microphone" to On, And on Windows 10 1909 or later "Allow desktop apps to access your microphone" to On.


Also try those things:

Start → ⚙Settings → Update & Security → Troubleshoot → Additional troubleshooters → Recording Audio → Run the troubleshooter.

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Thank you for your reply.


I have also re-read the instructions and I think I may be expecting that the front and rear connections to be identical. I now think that only the rear have line-in and speaker output. Whereas the front connections are mic in and headphone out; that's why the desktop speakers work on the front. 


I need to get a longer cable to connect the Yamaha to the rear plane to try out. 


Will report back.

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