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  1. Thank you for your reply. I see Qobuz are working on the problem for a future release. Looking for to that.
  2. I have now found it:- SD card > Andriod > data> com.qobuz.music > files > Music > Import cache There are 15773 files covering 353 albums; I normally download whole albums in Mp3. This means that each album needs 45 files, on average? I wonder if this can cause problems e.g each file will need a header so repeated a number of times per track. Can't Qobuz store data in larger files?
  3. Where does Qobuz store offline files in Andriod. I guess somewhere in SD card > Andriod > data but I can't find them. Any advice please?
  4. I have Qobuz on 2 Galaxy tablets and one phone. I see that the version on the tablets is but the version on the Galaxy A7 phone is How do I update my phone without losing any playlists or online tracks?
  5. Another view:- https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/nils-frahm-interview-new-album-nfts-b1822876.html
  6. I only use Bluetooth when away from home, say on a walk or in a hotel bedroom, because of the limited range. At home I use different technology for wireless listening. I have Sennheiser RS185 headphones that work all over the house and garden. These are driven by either by a stand alone Chromecast Audio (CCA) *hard wired to my house ethernet or from the headphone output of my Onkyo receiver with its built-in CCA**; that receiver is also hard wired to the house ethenet. The CCAs are fed by whatever tablet/phone is most convenient. *the reason for hard wire i
  7. I knew I had aptX HD but it is on the receiving end; my Levin Bluetooth 5.0 headphones. So if I get an aptX HD transmitting device I am ready. Mind you should I worry as I failed this test, 56% i.e. guessing:-- http://abx.digitalfeed.net/spotify-hq.html If I have such poor hearing should I even worry about aptX let alone aptX HD.
  8. I just opened up Developer Options and found aptX there. Same with my Galaxy A7 phone.
  9. Yes does not support aptx HD but does aptX Settings > Developer Options > Bluetooth audio codec select aptX.
  10. http://abx.digitalfeed.net/spotify-hq.html
  11. Thanks also looking at Discogs for Overseas.
  12. Followed up on another site and the portable transport is not on as a player in Andriod. Hope my existing CD player lasts.
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