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  1. Re my Qobuz problems in this thread:- I have today received a reply from Qobuz confirming that they have issued an update to solve this problem; so Andriod Offline Library no longer hangs. It is good to get early responses to problems. Well done Qobuz.
  2. Interesting. Today, whilst out walking tried my phone and Offline Library opened in a few seconds! When I got home tried my other Andriod device, with Qobuz installed (Windows installation continues to open quickly), and that now opens Offline Library in a few seconds. This after both taking many many minutes previously. I wonder why the problem went away? Hope this is the end of this problem so that I can continue with Qobuz. If I do get more problems I will use the "Official Qobuz Issues Thread", as I should have done in the first place.
  3. Problems still. If only a few playlists or imports Andriod app runs ok. However if a lot of playlists, I have 260+, and more than a few imports Andriod app unusable. My phone has all the playlists as imports, because I am often away from a data signal. App takes a long time, usually give up after 20 minutes and use PowerAmp downloads. Sent problem to Qobuz on Sunday but do not expect reply till well after Christmas. Signed up for 4 months with Amazon Unlimited (cheap deal) but cannot transfer any playlists to that; have to recreate them all in the app!! May go back to Spotify but its limited classical catalogue may a problem. Limited means that some more unknown works are missing; that is why I left Spotify in the first place. Testing Qobuz on Windows 10 laptop. So far after some 30+ imports seems ok.
  4. Update now done. Tablet went ok but had to uninstall/ reinstall phone app.
  5. Just curious but is only the one dac used in my setup. Source is an Andriod tablet with large micro SDcard (128GB; soon be upgraded as nearly full). Sound apps are PowerAmp playing FLACs from SD card, BBC Sounds and Qobuz standard. Tablet Google Home app casting via wifi to built in CCA in Onkyo RX 8270; 8270 ethernet wired to router. 8270 has an AK4438 dac chip. So I am guessing that digital data, from all three source apps, is sent to Onkyo's CCA then onto the AK4438 then through the analogue side of the receiver?
  6. Description : When I try to play offline downloads on my Andriod phone or tablet I get the message "it is impossible to play this track. Thank you for trying another playback format or a different tracK" On both devices I can search, create playlists and download tracks. I open Offline Library but when i select a playlist I get the above message. Please advise? Dear customer Thank you for your message. We are really sorry about this disconvenience, an update will be coming in the coming days in order to fix the problem. Thank you for your confidence. Best regards Good to get an early reply to a problem; looking forward to the update.
  7. Used Qobuz for a short while; created some 30+ playlists. In my case a playlist is the same contents as the album. I use a tablet at home, to feed my Chromecast Audio in my hifi, without importing the album. On the road I use my mobile phone to feed my headphones. When I create a playlist I import the album on my mobile, on its SD card. Also on my tablet and mobile is Poweramp fed from matching SD cards holding some 500+ albums, ripped from my CDs. These 500+ rips are tagged. I find by genre is my most common search. Can I add tags to Qobuz playlists or use some other method search by at least genre?
  8. A number of years ago I invited a surveying firm to do some work at my house. A young women, early 30s my guess, turned up. We started talking on the hall. The first thing she said was "It was nice to come to a house with a piano" I had to say no piano but only hifi. She said "but that sounds so real!" The hifi was an Armstrong receiver into Bose speakers playing Radio 3; not exactly hi end.
  9. Thanks. Put my order in for two spares. Find this device ideal fof my needs.
  10. You may wish to read this post:- https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php/topic,116999.new.html#new
  11. The last Thames Water takeoff from the Thames is at Laleham; I think this is above London. I trust the rest of your research is as accurate?
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