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Aurender N100H 2TB

Used very little use , bought new on 4/12/20  till my SGM Taiko Extreme was being built 


2000.00  net to me 


Main System 

Barcasti  M20  M21

SGM Extreme 
Focal Maestro Utopia Evo 


Headphone Setup 


Chord Dave

HiFiman 1000SE








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Reuven Lewis here. I’m interested in buying this piece and I’m also new to this site. I have $1,800.00 in my bank account and $200.00 in the form of cash and then I’m tapped out. If you’d be willing to work with me, I’d greatly appreciate it. So would you be willing to take $2,000.00 total for the Aurender n100, including the shipping?


My telephone is; 513-429-5700

My email is; [email protected]





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