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  1. I meter pr Zenwave D4 Interconnects 550.00 plus fee’s & Shipping
  2. Used very little , 210.00 shipped clear to me
  3. PS Audio DirectStream DAC Network Bridge 2 ( Silver ) about 2 months old
  4. ASC2 was moved to hook up the allnic , I will listen to both when I’m back in town next week
  5. long story but yes I did , ended up buy the Bel Canto Black ASC2 system and then also buying the Allnic system along with some new speakers .
  6. I purchased the Black System ASC2 Controller & 2 Monoblocks . So far I’m very impressed
  7. I was just wondering if there are any other Bel Canto Black owners on this forum ?
  8. Yes I bought another one for 525.00 and figured I would sell this one with issue’s lol you got me
  9. Selling my JS-2 with (1) 1.5m cable with 2.5mm see link below , this is the unit for sale SOLD Note : This comes with (1) cable
  10. Shunyata Hydra Triton V3 have .org box manual etc 5700.00
  11. HD PLEX 200W LINEAR POWER SUPPLY Very little use perfect shape SOLD
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