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Amarra mini 2.1 does not play FLAC?


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I have tried to play FLACs downloaded from Linn Records directly in Amarra 2.1. Every time I try to open a FLAC the program crashes. Amarra 2.0.1 can handle these files, as well as AyreWave. Anybody else who has experienced this? Any workarounds?




Mac mini (Mojave, Audirvana/Amarra/Roon) -> Dirac -> Audioquest Carbon USB -> devialet 200 -> MIT Shotgun MA -> Verity Audio Leonore

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I can't open any file from Finder without Amarra crashing. Since you can't get a FLAC file into Itunes, the only way to load a FLAC is with the PlaylistAdd Tracks from Finder function and this function crashes every time regardless of the file format.


Others have reported success with this function, so I am not sure how that is, but I am experiencing the same thing you are.


You are correct that this worked fine in 2.0.1.




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