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  1. Hi all, may I come back to this issue. I also have the impression that my first 2.3 curve resulted in a slight shift to the left. I read this recommendation and turned off the two checkboxes, which resulted in a centered soundstage, but the tonal quality is worse than with checked boxes. During measurements I played music with JRiver and the Dirac Processor was ON. My question is: Does Dirac LIve use the processor during calibration or does it bypass the processor? Do I have to uncheck the two boxes in JRiver during calibration in order to obtain a centered soundstage?
  2. In my system (Mac Mini late 2012 with Mojave) I still can use Dirac Processor 1.2 as an endpoint for Roon, so probably anything else was wrong in your setup. However, I can confirm that the solution with Audio Hijack/Roon/Dirac Live Processor (new version 1.0) sounds worse than Audirvana with the same processor. With Dirac Live 1.2 it was the other way round. Regards Kay
  3. Hi all, the new version is out now! It plays up to 192 kHz in my system and sounds great. However, I am unable to claim my license at the Dirac portal. It keeps saying unknown key. Any of you has been successful? Regards Kay
  4. Hi all, I am testing 0.9.35 and I am very satisfied. I am up-/downsampling everything to 96 kHz and it works flawlessly with Audirvana+. Sound quality is much better than with Roon -> Audio Hijack. Hoping for the final release and 192 kHz. Will there be a standalone Version of the Processor for use with Roon? Regards Kay
  5. macuniverse, you just have to press play, then the plugin window appears and you can select your filter. Don't give up, the sound is really good.
  6. The new installer only installs the VST and other modules in /Library/Audio. However, the filters are stored in a different place than the previous versions. Here's how to make it work: - launch Audirvana, play any song and you obtain the empty plugin window - launch Dirac Live 2.3 - load a previous project - create the filter again in the last step and store it in a slot of the new plugin - stop playback in Audirvana and restart playback, the plugin will reload and show the new filter - activate the new filter - enjoy 😀
  7. Hmmh, similar problems here. Installer says „sucessfully installed“, but the version is still the old one. If I remove 0.9.24 before installation, nothing is visible in applications folder. Audirvana comes up with the blank screen described previously. Any hints?
  8. Hi all, I just saw that Dirac Live 2.0 was released for Arcam and NAD owners. Hope that means that the Mac version will be released soon! ?
  9. KnockKnock this is pretty obvious: In your Dirac configuration Roon only sees DAP as the output device. Since DAP is not MQA-enabled it uses its internal decoder to convert to PCM and send it to DAP. Roon does not know that the stream will be passed on by DAP to the Meridian. In the second configuration it recognizes Meridian as an MQA-enabled device and passes native MQA to the Meridian decoder.
  10. Same for me here. Measurements must be taken in 1.1, then filters can be created in 1.2. Filters based on measurements from 1.2 crash immediately. I also recieive frequent errors when I measure with 1.2. Unfortunately, I can‘t recall when this started. DLCT used to work without problems a while ago. Regards
  11. There is a separate tab for plug-ins in the audio setup. But if I look at the options there are only the standard choices of Apple plug-ins. I thought I might have to install the Dirac plug-in in a certain directory, but the usual places ~/Library/Audio... don't work.
  12. Hi all, I am trying to get Pure Music 3 to work with Dirac Live Plugin. However, Pure Music does not see the foreign plugin, only the generic ones provided by MacOS. I have installed the "AU.component" in /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components as well as in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and the VST in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST but none of them appears in Pure Music's plugin selection menu. Any hints? Regards Kay
  13. Don't worry! your filters and measurements are stored as normal files on your disc in ~/documents/Dirac and you can make a backup in the usual way. AFAIK the files are not removed when you purchase the full version. You will receive a code for registering on portal.dirac.se, that's all.
  14. OS X 10.10 is a safe option and you can run the latest version of Audirvana. I am running this setup with the Dirac plugin and it works like a charm. Very reliable, even after waking up from sleep mode or after reboots.
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