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Want to exchange: PPA Studio V4 OCXO USB card with Sbooster Ultra to Jcat Net card FEMTO

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The title says it all: PPA Studio V4 OCXO USB card with Sbooster Ultra to Jcat Net card FEMTO. Of course some compensation in cash is required because of the difference in price.


Some retail prices for comparison:

PPA Studio V4 OCXO USB card 429€

Sbooster ECO 299€ + Ultra 90€

Total 818€


Jcat Net card FEMTO 435€


Difference in price: 383€ - We can surely negotiate about the compensation.


Sbooster LPS + Ultra add-on are both mkI version. Having compared them to Bakoon BPS-02 unit and Paul Hynes LPSU (don´t remember which model) the Sbooster was surprisingly good. Which solution one likes the most in this situation is a matter of taste. Sbooster Ultra was the most organic and laidback with very good resolution. Hynes LPSU won in authority and dynamics. BPS-02 was good and very well balanced without highlighting anything, but could not compare with the bigger ones in this case YMMV. However, I am still going to keep both of my Bakoon BPS-02-units.

The units are in Finland. I will gladly ship to nearly anywhere in the world.








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