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  1. Manufactured in 1992, so the unit uses Holden & Fisher transformer, which is better than the Taleman transformer of the newer units. The device was sent for maintenance (new capacitors) to classaaudio.co.uk in september of 2012 and is in great condition. This is 240v version. No cables are included. Asking price is 450€. I am willing to ship to nearly anywhere in the world.
  2. The title says it all: PPA Studio V4 OCXO USB card with Sbooster Ultra to Jcat Net card FEMTO. Of course some compensation in cash is required because of the difference in price. Some retail prices for comparison: PPA Studio V4 OCXO USB card 429€ Sbooster ECO 299€ + Ultra 90€ Total 818€ Jcat Net card FEMTO 435€ Difference in price: 383€ - We can surely negotiate about the compensation. Sbooster LPS + Ultra add-on are both mkI version. Having compared them to Bakoon BPS-02 unit and Paul Hynes LPSU (don´t remember which model) the Sbooster was surprisingly good. Which solution one likes the most in this situation is a matter of taste. Sbooster Ultra was the most organic and laidback with very good resolution. Hynes LPSU won in authority and dynamics. BPS-02 was good and very well balanced without highlighting anything, but could not compare with the bigger ones in this case YMMV. However, I am still going to keep both of my Bakoon BPS-02-units. The units are in Finland. I will gladly ship to nearly anywhere in the world.
  3. Greetings, one (European, though) enthusiast here is willing to purchase your unit. We have 220v in Europe, but I can replace the transformers to even better ones on the go. I wish a wonderful and creative winter time. Yours, Svoo, Finland
  4. Greetings, I sent you a private message. Regards, svoo, Finland
  5. Greetings, I sent a private message, too. Regards, svoo, Finland
  6. Greetings, I sent you a PM. Regards, svoo, Finland
  7. I am considering buying activation key for Windows Server 2012. Which one is better for dual audio pc solution: Dataacenter or Standard edition? Do I have to purchase two individual licenses or will one key be sufficient? Best, svoo
  8. Hello CR250, thank you for your most welcome information. It looks like that two ssd drive-arrangement might come to question. I actually managed to refine your latter suggestion further to serve better my aims. Best, svoo
  9. Greetings, I did not get the link above function. Perhaps you tried to link this Audiophile Optimizer Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/audiophile-optimizer-setup-guide.pdf The cables I use are homemade and amongst the very best. My interconnects beat for example Shindo Silver, Zu Varial, Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval, Triode Wire Labs interconnects and copper version of Kondo. They also come amazingly close to Chimera Labs Advantage. I think I have already enough knowledge to beat the Chimera Advantages, too. Therefore I am very interested in making both my own ethernet cable between dual pc setup and i2s cable from my usb-spdif converter stack (consisting of four individual units) to the dac (the current one, Mirko Weizig´s Twindac+, takes only s/pdif coaxial to itse female rca socket). What I don´t know exactly is how to install both Windows 10 and 2K12 using dual boot configuration on my control pc. I stopped upgrading my pc hardware for few years and now I find it challenging to get my current ssd drive or the forthcoming m.2 ssd succesfully installed. Meanwhile, I made cables, actually lots of them without price-cap approach. Dear Slappy, AVM resonance dampening liquid could be an excellent addition to your setup. Anti Vibration Magic, that is. Anti Vibration Magic I used to have several cd-transports years ago so I am used to just listen to records. Luckily, I have no itching to browse the internet at the same time. Thank you for your kind words. By the way, do you happen to know the exact number of lakes in Canada? It would be one heck of a count if one summed up all the lakes in Canada and Finland. Here we have 187 888. It is a little bit over 10% of the acreage of my country. Best regards, svoo Ps. I can recommend Mapleshade Isoblocks, maple platforms and brass cylinders. As a matter of fact the best option might be to purchase Isoblocks from Mapleshade and subcontract the mapleblocks and brass cones from your local specialists. Finnish maple has a life span of little under 100 years; I use to arrange my platforms from Canada and US. Forget all that praise about birch plywood - Canadian or Finnish or whatsoever. :0) Maple is the way to go.
  10. Greetings, I am wondering are the both control and audio pc in dual pc setup equally important for sound quality. If one installed PPA Studio OXCO motherboard clock to both would there be a significant benefit or merely a benefit at all? Can Windows 2k12 be installed on the ssd so that one could still use another OS for daily internet browsing, watching movies etc? Afterall my pc setup will be a workstation, not just a dual audio pc for Jplay playback. Thank you for your advice. Slappy, you have chosen really impressive hardware, for starters. Greetings to Québec, from Finland. Best regards, svoo
  11. Thank you, sounds like the product is also prefereble forconnecting different layers to open baffle projects. Tip. :0) Best, svoo
  12. Greetings, yes it is. Several recommended procedures for applying AVM (roll the page down with a mouse wheel): Anti Vibration Magic Could you perhaps link me that Silicone II product you mentioned, please? There are several mid-fi applications where that kind of cost-effective treatment would assumingly be ideal. I live in Europe, but ordering around the globe is not an issue. I wish you success in project. You could also upgrade the wirings with higher grade hook-up wires. For soldering Trt Wonder Signature is good and easy to use. Regards, svoo
  13. Thank you, mr. Pang informed me. Greetings, you might as well consider using the hot-melt adhesive and tweak the module further by adding some AVM (Anti Vibration Magic) resonance dampening. One could also treat the memory modules and the bottom side of the motherboard. All the best, svoo
  14. Greetings, does anyone have a spare sheet or two 3M´s ABS5100S? Regards, svoo
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