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The more I read the more I learn.


I found a review in the equipment section of a remote control for browsing your music library that was dated 2008. I imagine by now there are updated products for browsing and would like to know what, if any, remote control is recommended for a PC based DAC audio system?


I will be purchasing a new computer to interface with my DAC and would also appreciate suggestions on platform (Apple vs PC) and hard drive (solid state vs disk).






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There is quite a bit assembled already, cf: Suggested Hardware


At some point it boils down to a matter of taste. Many here like the mac mini. Typically the library is placed on a large external drive. Firewire is a good choice. Some recommend bus-power. I use an external power supply fed by a different circuit (they pollute with rf line noise). Some people put in an SSD and more memory. I haven't. I recommend starting out with the standard stuff and upgrading/modifying as you see a need.


Apple's "Remote" is a free ipod/ipad/iphone app that works well. It was just updated a few weeks ago.


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Thanks wgscott, I have been reading history on this site and see little discussion on hand held devices being used to browse one's PC music library. Seems Ipod/phone is the major handheld interface.


I'm thinking of using an Archos 70 with J River Media Jukebox on my PC, only thing is I haven't been able to find out if this will work.


PS, I really like the H. S. Thompson quote!




Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else. - anonymous


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