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Aurora 8 vs ULN-2 as a DAC ADC

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I can highly recommend the ULN-2 as a DAC and ADC. Be sure you get the 2d version (if buying used); no need for +DSP, in my experience.


Don't think you'll get much feedback on the Aurora here; can't recall that I've read any comments on CA. Gearslutz is perhaps a better bet.



good luck,




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As I recall, yes, the original ULN-2 can be upgraded, but at retail price.


The street price difference between the two (when used) is minimal, so it's much preferable to get a 2D version in the first instance.


Main difference (as far as I'm concerned) is a higher quality clock in the 2D expansion board, which is one of the biggest impacts on jitter, and therefore sound quality.




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