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What is the download resolution included with Bob Dylan - The Original Mono Recordings?

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A Amazon.com reviewer states that the downloadable files are 320 kbps/44.1 khz. They also state that 320 is good enough for mono. What do folks think of this statement? Wouldn't one have better sonic results by ripping there hard copy cds with no loss (e.g. AIFF, etc.)?


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is a silly statement. Even in mono full CD quality will sound better. Mono doesn't have less frequency response than stereo.


And yes, there's a reason they call formats like mp3 "lossy".


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I suppose it's down to the recording and what's been used as a source for the mastering. I have a 5CD Django Reinhardt "Early Recordings" box with recordings dating from the thirties. I ripped it to Apple Lossless. Most tracks are 400 kbps or so, but some are much less. The lowest is only 251 kbps. So, IMO, a 320 kbps download would be good enough in this case. You wouldn't hear much between 320 and 450 kbps anyway?


I think the reviewer meant that mono recordings are old anyway, hence probably limited in SQ. And doesn't 1 channel needs only half as much bits as 2? So 320 kbps for mono equals 640 kbps stereo for SQ (ALAC territory)?


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