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ReplayGain Aware DACs?

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ReplayGain is handy to keep output levels more consistent for the various albums (classical) or tracks (non-classical). However, the notion of changing volume digitally instantly triggers alarms - quality degradation, non-bit perfect, etc, to name a few.


The Proton has done something rather intelligent. Its seemingly digital volume control is actually done in the analog stage, the right way for the digital age.


Can the same principle be applied to ReplayGain so the DACs adjust the volume based on the ReplayGain value in the analog preamp stage?



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Would be neat I guess. In the past, I have used RG and just compensated for the rather low target value they use (-83db) by cranking up my trim pots on external DACs.


Now I kind of like to hear how different recordings are and just use volume on DAC or pre.


I think JRMC is now 64bit internally so using some digital volume reduction really isn't audible; just don't abuse it.


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