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Quest for Bit Perfect - New Mac Mni and Latest Itunes

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Dear forum members:


Since my last post, I purchased the new Mac Mini which is now connected via HDMI to my TV and the audio out to my Bryston BDA1. A lot of new toys thanks to this forum.


I have noticed that during playback, adjusting the volume on Itunes changed the volume of playback. May I assume this means I am not getting bit perfect audio (on airport express I am not sure, but I seem to recall changing the volume not having any effect...).


Could someone remind me/advise me what I need to do on the Mac OS and Itunes to ensure bit perfect audio?


Many thanks,


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If you are connected via the mini toslink digital output of the Mac then the volume control on the Mac should be disabled. If you are connected via USB then you want to be sure to keep the volume control on the Mac at full volume. Reducing the volume on the Mac will effect sound quality.


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Yes it is not bit perfect.


If you are changing the volume using iTunes then you can be certain it is not bit perfect. Volume should be fixed at 1 for bit perfect playback.


That said. My understanding is that the volume algorithm in iTunes (since about 2 years) is much improved and excellent quality - so you may not need to worry about "bit perfect" so much. iTunes volume control certainly was a problem in the past - adding significant amounts of distortion.


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