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Mac Pro/Lynx AES16e sample rate pass through


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I am using a headless Mac Pro with a Lynx AES16e as a music server. I am using iTunes as the media player, and I have files with sample rates ranging from 16/44.1 to 24/192. I can't figure out how to get the files to play through the card at their native sample rate. Apple MIDI setup makes me choose a single sample rate for the card.


I would prefer not to use a front-end like PM or Amarra, because they are pretty kludgy when using the Apple remote app (and I get grief at home when others in the family don't like the way the system works).


Any advice?


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I think other than using a product like PM or Amarra which as you know will change the sample rate on the fly you are stuck with manually changing the setting when you want to play files of different sample rates. I have not heard or read of any other solution without introducing a third party software.


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I don't follow the kludgy with Remote comment. I use Amarra Mini and from Apple Remote, there is no sign that Amarra is running. It works the same as if Amarra was not running except the sample switching is automatic.


Both PM and Amarra do not need to be started up with Itunes so your family members could use Itunes as is without the add on and when you use Itunes, you could fire up Amarra or PM.


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