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SACD Ripping News


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Hi everybody,


Maybe I am not posting this into the correct forum... but here it is :   Anyone who knows how to do this can copy / paste this text where it belongs so that everyone hears about this news.


I can rip any SACD stereo or multichannel on my recent Primare BD32 MKII, (with the latest firmware) so this one can be listed with the Oppo's and Pioneers among others.

It makes ISO files (bit to bit copy of my SACD, as well as DSF files (as tracks)

It works fine with the USB stick with the AutoScript folder (with 3 files in it) and together with ISO2DSD and it rips a 1 hour SACD in less then 15 minutes (over cabled IP network)


I am a lucky guy !


Thx all of you.



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The Primare BD32 MKII is based on the Oppo 103 (or 105). So everything that applies to the Oppo in terms of SACD ripping also applies to that player.


There are a couple of hifi brands that use the Oppo hardware for their Blu-ray players. Those players are generally much more expensive than the Oppo 103, that's why they didn't get mentionned a lot.


Another example is the Electrocompaniet EMP3




and the Cambridge Audio 752BD






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