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Dragonfly Red not workig with SBT

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It doesn't appear that I'm getting any signal from my Audioquest Dragonfly Red with my Squeezebox Touch. I did select "try the USB hub workaround" and that didn't work along with the "direct."

In the settings under Audio settings, - it says "stopped" after selecting Dragonfly. I also tried just plain Digital Audio out and got nothing.


i updated the firmware on the SBT, and I'm using the latest EDO update, as well as the latest firmware on the DragonFly. The Dragonfly lights up with reddish-whitish color, - not green.


I know that the Dragonfly needs hardware volume control, - but all those folks at least get super low volume, - I get nothing.


I am fairly certain that I am doing something wrong with the Squeezebox settings as other people have gotten their Dragonfly to work.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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