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  1. Hi, Not in my opinion. Simply put, you can’t cut corners. You have a great DAC, - what are your speakers & amp? IMO, - a much bigger difference would be had by replacing the Aurilic. Not sure what you mean be ridiculous, - but $500 is the going rate, and in a system where you have the excellent Metrum, - the differences will be significant. Again, - if you had a DAC like Schitt or something, - you likely wouldn’t need it. The Aurilic Aries Mini, - do you still have one that hasn’t broken yet?, - is a little worse than a Logitech SBT, but lower longevity. There are super che
  2. Hi folks, Casually looking around, and curious. I am about $3000 all-in to a Sonore UltraRendu and Gustard U16 with cables and such.... Want to get rid of the 4 boxes going into my APL and also improve things. Less than zero interest in getting anything that has either a built in DAC or HD. I do not like Auralic products and would never entertain buying anything from them... So far, - what i see out there is... Lumin U1, - at $6K retail... pretty pricey..... DCS Network Bridge, - pretty pricey also, - but defini
  3. Hiya, Some of the best amps that I've ever heard... I have owned two Stingrays, and heard most of their line from the early 2000s (model years). Their best amps are the Manley Neo-Classic 500 monoblocks which stack up well IMO, with the amazing amps made by VAC, LAMM, Blue Circle etc. Extremely fast, and high-current, - these amps grab ahold of your speakers with a tight leash and make them really sing. for me, - they are one of the no-brainers of high performance audio. The one caveat I would say is that with some models, - they can be a bit re
  4. Gustard U16 Super cheap & great quality https://amp.apos.audio/products/gustard-u16-usb-digital-interface?variant=29049782501450&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy8f6BRC7ARIsAPIXOjhpAtGKfjGEir0AuC0709tUdj4hI2Awec2SzcP6AiFcx5bhVVWPbZsaAncxEALw_wcB cheers
  5. no no no no no no, - THANK YOU for yours!!
  6. No, - I don't, - I'll just respond to their posts.
  7. Don't worry, - not spending any: unlike some, - I am not here to attack audiophiles (on an audiophile website), - and call them stupid..... Now that shit is the REAL wasted energy...
  8. Not about me, but I see that isn't stopping you ....
  9. Whatever... Marketing is not scientific investigation/evaluation. What kind of measurements are in Lexus marketing hyperbole...? The marketing and "selling" by the "skeptics" who "straw-man" the equipment are the REAL problem.
  10. Naw.... That market is already cornered by the measurers
  11. You have to go by retail cost. in the late 2000s, - average system was 20K. Might not be such a great figure, as both really expensive, and really cheap system skew the results. Certainly prices have gone up as more manufacturers go out of business, and reduce their trickle down too. Costs go up when the parts that encompass the components become unavailable. Exceptions of course, - as items like FPGA chips in digital are "cheaper" in comparison to NOS 1962 tubes.
  12. Agreed, - the amount of pseudo-science generated by the anti-audiophile "preachers" on this site is INSANE...
  13. Very true... And for the upteenthtime... "golden-ear" audiophiles don't exist. To assert such is a Trump-like, straw-man, lie....
  14. Mehbee... And fair enough.... I am probably making some assumptions about audiophiles... What I meant by the Lisa comment was that most here wouldn't have heard about her if she had only be known as the second singer of Dead Can Dance.
  15. Nope... I was using an example and analogy to illustrate there is a context. Making assumptions about how equipment and systems are evaluated via sighted vs un-sighted is silly as they are just that... No need to repeat ground already covered here, but please don't skip over the significant importance of piling up many comparative experiences. A Razberri Pi only sucks compared to an signature Rendu if you apply both equally and correctly. And it doesn't mean that both don't "sound good," - it's just that one sounds dramatically better than the other in the correc
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