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  1. Thanks for info.... nice equipment, FWIW, - I'm a big fan of Verity speakers.....I only heard the La Scala once... would love to hear it with the mullards... Cheers,
  2. Just curious, - would you mind telling us what your DAC, amplification and speakers are?
  3. NICE! Love your stand. Are those rubber bands as shock absorbers or are they cable ties as seat belts?
  4. Hi, IME, - the LPS-1 and Rendu products are light and small enough to use the Herbie's "baby booties." I use these under my LPS-1 and ultraRendu and the also the Sonic Stabilizers on both. I also have noticed a lot of improvement by using Tenderfeet on the top shelf of my audio rack, then using another maple "board" and then Aurios on top of that and under my APL Universal player. One can shake the audio rack and the APL doesn't move at all. Cheers,
  5. John, Thank you! Appreciate it. (yes, - I knew that I would need to buy a 3rd [LC to LC] fiber cable once the opticalRendu is bought).
  6. Hi folks, I am going to buy an optical module and (in a few months an opticalRendu). I am currently a happy ultraRendu user who has been running fiber with 2 TP-Link FMCs and LPSs. I am looking for opinions about where to place the new OM. Since I also have to buy the SC to LC cable - (i run SC to SC now), - I don't EXACTLY need to know in advance, - but I have surface mount panduit that hides my cables going from NAS/Switch room to Audio room. (So the LC end needs to go with the OM). What this means is that I'm looking for advice from folks who may have deployed one OM and am wondering if it would be better on the audio rack as the receiver to the UR or better at the NAS as a sender? Obviously I am not going to buy 2 OMs as I'm getting an OR; but am just curious. My guess is that since the OM has a special clock, - that it'd be better as a receiver. Interested in hearing only from folks who've some experience with the OM, and fiber, - and/or from Sonore. Thanks in advance....
  7. Beautiful! I also loved both the look and sound of your Hovlands. I remember seeing and hearing them in person at CES and was surprised by how large in size and how beautiful in sound they were. I seem to remember hearing them with some Verity Audio speakers (if I'm remembering them correctly), - [might have been Talon] and really appreciated the command and control that they had over the speakers. The blue glow was waaaaaay sexy....
  8. Mine is the "Completion Backwards Principle," - but more the live shows than the recording..... Seen them many times, and my band almost warmed them up in 93 when they had a few shows in SF. Prairie Prince now paints bikes and motorcycles just a few blocks from my neighborhood.....
  9. "WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE, WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE WHITE....." So awesome, - thanks for the reminder, - time to spin up "What do you want from Live"
  10. Hiya, I have tested and compared AIFF to FLAC and the SQ differences are apparent especially on better recorded material. I only listen to redbook level playback. I compared them using LMS and MPD/DLNA/MiniMServer. The differences include less soundstage and instrument separation. sounds, - (especially drums) in the upper bass are less distinguishable from different drums with a similar tone. Less detail in the upper treble with FLAC, + less "richness" in upper treble...... My gear is APL universal player, Sonore ultra-Rendu. QNAP NAS running LMS and MiniMserver, Gustard U16, BlueCircle BC204, Merlin VSM... I don't like having too much music on my iPhone, - (I have about 224 songs). I do not notice any difference between FLAC and AIFF on my iphone, - or on my bedroom system, - which has a primary IF of squeezebox touch with a LPS. The hard drives for my NAS were cheap, - so I don't think twice about it. I have about 40,000 songs on the NAS. I do not stream over the INternet, - I hate Tidal, - and I would never use MQA. In your excellent system, - I would find it difficult to imagine that you couldn't hear a difference between AIFF and FLAC, - unless you use ROON, - (which I also do not like, and would never spend money on). Cheers,
  11. It also makes for an excellent toothpaste: but it does make one sleepy and listless out of the tap......
  12. Thank you! Disregard the below.... So easy to just figure it out once on Ghent website..... "Can you post a link to this Ghent cable?" Cheers,
  13. Hi, Thank you very much for both pics and also report! From someone who's been running 2 TP-Links, - this is a very valuable post indeed.... Cheers,
  14. ??? Sorry, - but how is that possible? It is my understanding that all microRendu's have 10/100/1000 NICs in them. I've never used a Sonore product with anything but gigabit.....
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