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  1. Right... We listen to recordings on our home stereo, - which are an "interpretation." When I was recording and producing my band's songs, - our focus was on doing what we needed to enhance the "song," - not to make the song sound like how we would play it live on stage. We never had 1/2 of the studio tools on stage that we would have available in the studio. Every CD is at least, (minimum), 5 different generations of what those instruments sounded like when we played them standing in front of the amplifiers, going to the 2" rough-mix tape. Finally, - don't know what your local Opera/Classical music venue acoustics are like. But I can tell you that the San Francisco OPERA house is a pile of SHITE for acoustics. I have never heard any "live event" at the SF Opera sound "good." What a garbage dump. The acoustics of recordings of Opera sound sooooo much better than that nightmare. And, - you don't get half-dead old housewives coughing and clapping and yelling "WOOT" at the most inappropriate times. Every Opera performance has a mic-ed PA, - and again, - I don't know about other places, - but the SF Opera PA is complete SHITE, - filled with noise, hissing, crackling, and over-driven "hot-to-tape" noise....
  2. Perhaps a bit off-topic, - but I do find it interesting that the only reason people find Tidal, - (as streaming's most notable representative), - "bad" is that it does fake hi-rez, or perhaps more accurately, - a cheap signal "effect." Not just Tidal, but streaming period: harms everyone, - except for the shite US oligarchy. For the convenience of Eagles/Michael Jackson/Tom Petty regurgitation; (what N. American [sic] culture is all about), - we lose so much in the process. Technical competence is not needed to understand that MQA is not hi-rez, does not sound any better than redbook level playback, - and that streaming in general is very very harmful to VARIETY and overall quality of music and songwriting.
  3. They are distribution channels owned by the labels, - in the same sense that record stores were consignment shops for the labels.
  4. List out 10 new unique music acts found on Tidal that one can't find anywhere else...........
  5. ""We can't purchase CDs because people elected to stop buying them." That's a bit too simplistic. People stopped buying them because their value sunk, & because of their ridiculous cost. Prices skyrocketed to $20+ for a CD that cost the label less than $.25 to produce. When CDs first came out, - it cost about $3 to manufacture a CD: artists typically were splitting less than $1 dollar on their work per every CD sold. With unauthorized re-distribution and creation of .mp3 facsimiles (or samples) of the music, - the labels colluded again and used their judicial system(s) to attack consumers and dropped the amount of artists, - keeping only the artists that were already big money winners, and/or were safe bets on making a big ROI. Labels were dragged kicking and screaming into streaming, - and on the way (down) they made sure that they are going to come out winners. This is somewhat elementary when one researches through several very good articles by folks such as Courtney Love, Frank Zappa, Geoff Barrow, - etc. ""You're blaming the man rather than people's personal responsibility for things you don't like. "" That's also a bit simplistic. I am blaming the culture that allows for an exploitative industry to diminish what once was a vibrant art form. I am placing the blame where it belongs: yes, - the recording industry was always grossly exploitative, - but it really was turned up to 11 when the explosion happened: consumer rebellion. If the Record Labels didn't attack 13 year old girls in Walnut Creek California, - we'd very likely have more variety and because of it, - better music. If the record labels reduced their prices to $8 per CD, and included two free .mp3 downloads with a link with every CD purchase.....things would be much different today... Herb Albert took a "chance" on Deep Purple, - telling them that it wouldn't have been possible without the success of the Carpenters.
  6. You don't have to use it to know it.... Read closer....
  7. I hear what you're saying here.... But, - that's a bit simplistic and doesn't work so well in practice.... That Fascist/Corporate Socialist exploitation of both the consumer & artists, - forces the death of all other models. When radio payola hit, - the combined "industry" forced the Eagles down everyone's throat and prevented others from entering the space. This infliction made people actually LIKE the Eagles: yuckko...... In short, - we already cannot buy CeeDees. People don't even start bands anymore, - it's not a "thing." Tidal isn't solely responsible for this of course. But it's 1 important component in the death of creative music. Of course US Culture is largely fine with this, - commoditizing everything.... Tidal is putting CDs & K-Disk out of business, - Sites like BandCamp may be next.
  8. Most N. Americans, - especially waddly old N. American Audiophiles; aren't interested in any music that wasn't written in the 70s. Or wasn't "ripped off" of music that was written in the 70s. (Tom Petty only wrote 1 song, that he changed slightly over and over). This breeds the Netflix-ization of regurgitated crap. New music from around the world is wholly missing from a service like Tidal. When you subscribe to a Netflix/Tidal, - you are faced with having your favorite music removed. Unless of course, - it's the Eagles, or Michael Jackson, and their hundreds of N. American white-washed, copy-bands. Your own music, (that you've bought as CDs, or downloaded as FLAC from Bandcamp), sounds better, and is in your possession and control, - and will not disappear when Tidal kills Sigur Ros and replaces it with Justin (sic) Timberlake.
  9. Hiya Do I understand correctly that you're feeding the OM directly from the TL-SG2216 switch in the laundry room? If so, - did you try rebooting the OM and then immediately after rebooting the TL-SG2216? Then, - restart that MRendu? This has been my process, - and almost always fixes either no connectivity, - or spitting.... Cheers,
  10. Thanks for info.... nice equipment, FWIW, - I'm a big fan of Verity speakers.....I only heard the La Scala once... would love to hear it with the mullards... Cheers,
  11. Just curious, - would you mind telling us what your DAC, amplification and speakers are?
  12. NICE! Love your stand. Are those rubber bands as shock absorbers or are they cable ties as seat belts?
  13. Hi, IME, - the LPS-1 and Rendu products are light and small enough to use the Herbie's "baby booties." I use these under my LPS-1 and ultraRendu and the also the Sonic Stabilizers on both. I also have noticed a lot of improvement by using Tenderfeet on the top shelf of my audio rack, then using another maple "board" and then Aurios on top of that and under my APL Universal player. One can shake the audio rack and the APL doesn't move at all. Cheers,
  14. John, Thank you! Appreciate it. (yes, - I knew that I would need to buy a 3rd [LC to LC] fiber cable once the opticalRendu is bought).
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