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Does UltraRendu connected to ultraDigital benefit from ISO Regen or similar?


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So now that ultraDigital is sending the correct signal to my W4S DAC-2v2SE DAC (see my posts under 'Sonore ultraDigital' in this forum), I want to set up the ultraRendu and ultraDigital so I get the most out of them.  I already have a good power supply for them, the SBooster from Small Green Computer.  I am currently using a throw away HDMI cable between the ultraDigital and the DAC and a 1m Wire World Silver Starlight 7 USB cable between the ultraRendu and ultraDigital.  I have a W4S Recovery USB Reclocker but I did not use it when I inserted the two ultra's.


Does anyone know if the ISO Regen which is supposed to be much better than the W4S RUR will improve the sound if put between the two ultra's?


Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good HDMI cable between the ultraDigital and the W4S DAC which doesn't cost hundreds of dollars?  At the moment, I am just using a long (at least a meter) HDMI cable that came with my Roku.






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