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Question regarding Tidal playing via MconnectHD on Melco N1 server

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I decided to take the plunge and try Tidal for 12 days, downloaded on my MacBook Air.  I have a Melco N1 music server connected to a Berkeley Alpha USB/Berkeley DAC II. I have been playing files via an iPad using  ConnectHD app. This player allows Tidal to be used and in fact, I have been listening to music all day through this set up (Melco-DAC II). My question is what is the advantage of a separate stand alone network music player in comparison to the above set up.





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Hi Tom,


Using the ConnectHD app that way will either be no advantage or could actually be a disadvantage - depending on whether the app is merely instructing the Melco itself to play the TIDAL audio files (possibly by the app proxying TIDAL's streams) or it is actually playing them. If the app is actually playing the TIDAL files, then you are completely at its mercy as to how it produces that sound and also how it captures that output for the Melco to stream over the network via standard UPnP/DLNA.



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