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I was wondering - instead of connecting a monitor to a PC via the usual cable, is it possible to plug a transmitting device in both ends and operate the monitor this way? I.e. wirelessly (though the monitor would still be plugged into the mains for power of course).


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I decided to go for a longer cable in the end, as it was easier and cheaper.


I tried a HDMI cable to connect my Sony Vaio VGN-NW11s to my BenQ FP241W LCD screen. However, it seems that the maximum output resolution via HDMI is 1920x1080. The native resolution of my monitor is 1920x1200.


I used a VGA cable to connect them, and this seems to allow the native resolution.


However, with both cables the text on the screen is slightly "blurred". Not blurred enough to interfere with reading, but enough to make reading a bit more of a strain. Any ideas what may be causing the blurring, and how to fix it?






There are 2 types of people in this world - those who understand binary and those who don't.

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You said HDMI resolution doesn't match the native resolution of your monitor, does it scale up to fill the whole screen? If it does, scaling from 1080 to 1200 will cause blurred image.


Also, HDMI is sensitive to interference particularly in long run, make sure you put a Ferrite snap-on core on each end of the cable to filter out the noise if it isn't well shielded.



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I'm not familiar with Windows 7. In XP there's a setting in "themes" that makes text easier to read on some screens, maybe there's something hidden like that. But I doubt that's your fix.


It sure sounds like you've hooked things up correctly, and VGA sounds like the way to go for the native resolution.


My best guess to at least try would be with the video calibration on the monitor. Maybe brightness/sharpness are off, so the white background overshadows the black? I know it can happen with TVs still calibrated for the super-bright in-store evironment.


I found this web page that mentioned text looking funny in anything other than "Standard" mode... does it apply to your situation?




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I think you said you are using longer cables in your situation - have you tried standard (1 - 1.5m) long cables. Do you get clearer text with VGA with this?


Does your laptop have a DVI output as well as HDMI? What about inputs on the monitor?






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