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Spotify and not APTX

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in the case I have a smartphone that doesn't support APTX (i.e.: iPhones), but I have an amp that supports it (Roksan K3), but that cannot be enabled (because the source doesn't support it).


We know that Spotify streams at 320k and we also know (or at least I think) that the ordinary Bluetooth supports also 320k.


There will be any lack or loss of quality using Spotify (320k) in a device that doesn't support aptx (320k) or APTX is always better?


I can be sure that with Tidal aptx should be a very good solution, but in the case of Spotify, that isn't loseless, APTX matters?

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I believe there will be a loss in quality. Bluetooth negotiates to find a common protocol, and reverts to SBC if either aptX or AAC is not possible. Non of these codecs are "lossless".


SBC: 16 bit, 345 kbit/s 

AAC: 16 bit, 256 kbit/s (iTunes+, sounds better than SBC)

aptX: 24 bit, 384 kbit/s (E-aptX, billed as lossless, but not)


With iOS, you're stuck with AAC, or better yet, Airplay which supports ALAC and is lossless.

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