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My wireless music server project

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At first, please think about recently released iPad and slate tablets. We're talking about ones to use with portable devices like those.


My goal in design principles is to enable audiophiles experiencing the new level of convenience with "good sound". They can flip albums around at their fingers. They can do it anywhere in listening room without stationing notebook or PC. And of course, it must sound good enough to convince they to forget about traditional wireless approach, good enough to challenge up to $2000 music server (that you should obviously know which one I'm talking to).


Here's my specifications for what I'm going to do.....

-Xeroc system music server OS (It's Windows-based like Sonore's projects but I can optimize it in deeper level since I'm the creator of famous Longhorn/Vista/Seven Transformation Pack after all)

-Wireless Async USB Music server (24/192 S/PDIF)

-Internal storage (You don't need to attach additional storage with your iPad-like or Slate tablets)

-Analog output based on PCM1792 design

-HDMI output for connecting to large TV

-USB Wireless adaptor


According to recent technologies, I think it's feasible to say that it's possible to make it happen but I haven't made any prototype yet. Once I finish first prototype, we can see what can be done or not.


Happy Emm Labs/Viola/Karan/Rockport audiophile


Fidelizer - Feel the real sound http://www.fidelizer-audio.com

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