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SPDIF and 24/192

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I recently reported in another forum that, contrary to expectations based on the advertised spec, my Xtreamer did not play 24/176.4 or 24/192 files. The same files play fine through my PC/MediaMonkey setup.


I bought the Xtreamer as an experiment, so it is not a tragedy if it doesn't work. It is just irritating.


It was then suggested to me that in fact spdif cannot carry 24 bit.


Googling does indicate that the spdif spec is only for 20 bit, but it 'can be' modified to carry 24 bit.


Obviously there are also quite a lot of soundcards and DACs which claim to output 24/192 via spdif.


This forum seems the best place to ask for a definitive answer. Is spdif really limited in this way?


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No. If SPDIF even does 32 ... with 4 channels ... (I never tried more). Nothing special is needed for that.


I don't know about XTreamer. The specs don't say anything about bit depth etc., which usually doesn't promise much good ...




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