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Amarra Mini and the volume "problem"

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I'm sure it's me, being an idiot, but when using my demo of Amarra Mini, the volume goes to zero when the song changes. That is, the volume slider on iTunes goes to zero while the volume slider on Amarra stays at 100% -- and no sound comes out. I can turn up iTunes and sound plays, but then resets to zero at the conclusion of the song. What am I doing wrong?


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The iTunes volume should be at zero.The Amarra volume up when using Amarra for playback. Does Amarra support your M2Tech HiFace? If not, you are not hearing Amarra but instead iTunes.


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This might be a silly question but is your Mac running the Intel or Power PC chip?


Is yours the G5 Pro version or earlier?

If it isn't the Pro model then it won't be the Intel chip set that you need to enable Amarra.


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I'm using Amarra with the HiFace with no problem, though it's on an Intel. Check whether you're using the latest version of Amarra. When I registered for a demo, it brought me to a page to download an older version--which seems to have a lot of issues with volume management. I assume that your MIDI settings are correct, otherwise iTunes wouldn't make any sound.


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Amarra doesn't support the PowerPC? Reaaaaally? That's odd. It installed perfectly well, after all. But then, the Amarra support page lists the dual PowerPC chipped G5s as specifically supported -- and actually preferred. I mean, you may be right, but I think something else is going on. FWIW, I'm running Amarra 1.2 and the demo version of Full worked just fine in this regard.


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