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Syncing - really weird

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I have an issue with syncing on iTunes. I have around 7000 tracks in my library. It seems to go through the syncing process ok but once it's finished and I've disconnected everything my 5 Gen itouch continues "syncing" (has the syncing arrows in the top left) and takes anything up to 6 hours to finish actually adding the music. This has been going on since update to IOS8 and makes syncing a lot of changes very timely. If you go to settings/general/about, the number of tracks continues to change until all of them are added and the arrows disappear.


(If you get really impatient and re-boot the itouch to stop the "syncing" you will find the majority of your tracks will delete themselves if you try to play them)


Anyone else experiencing the same problem?


Or got any ideas to speed the process up?



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Thanks Kirk


I have tried your solution - changed 842 tracks and synced in airplane mode. Sync process on iTunes finished half an hour ago but itouch still has the syncing arrows and slowly adding the 842 tracks.


Oh well, patience is a virtue - though it is fast running out. May have to ditch iTunes and itouch completely and buy a different mp3 player. Can anything be worse than this?

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