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  1. Yes, I, too, run a Mac mini full time (for my Plex media library), and I am very energy aware. But it uses very little power when it's dormant.
  2. No, it shouldn't need to log in. iTunes will be running behind the login screen.
  3. kirkmc

    The Next Track Podcast Bids Farewell

    Thanks to all for supporting and guesting on the show.
  4. In the Energy Saver preferences, there is a Wake for Network Access setting. It doesn't always work, but it might for you.
  5. kirkmc

    I use mostly Apple products

    I don't recommend using a NAS for Time Machine backups. Unlike when you back up to a connected hard drive, network TM backups are stored in sparse images, which are very fragile. People who back up to a network device often find that their backups get corrupted and TM has to delete them and start over. If you do want to use the NAS for TM, you should also use a connected hard drive as an alternate.
  6. kirkmc

    Pros and Cons of CarPlay?

    I doubt that is the case. I was told that Toyota just likes to wait and not jump into something like that too soon. Bear in mind that their offering CarPlay also means they offer the Android equivalent on the car, and they waited on that too. I would think it's really just a question of wanting to ensure that these technologies are not going away, which would be problematic if people choose them rather than an in-car GPS.
  7. kirkmc

    Pros and Cons of CarPlay?

    Same here. They've only just started offering it, and only on the Aygo, which is their smallest car. I'd have expected it to be available on the Prius, or even the Yaris, which is the next size up from the Aygo and which is available in a hybrid version, but for some reason they waited.
  8. kirkmc

    Pros and Cons of CarPlay?

    I just got my new car (Toyota Aygo) with CarPlay. It's quite a clever system. Siri sucks, as it does elsewhere, and Apple Maps is the worst maps app (at least in the UK), but being able to use Google Maps or Waze is a big plus. The music/podcast/audiobook integration is nice. And, as above, you can remove or re-order apps as you wish; you do that on the iPhone, in Settings > General > CarPlay.
  9. kirkmc

    iTunes purchases

    It could. You can turn off iTunes Match and see if that fixes things.
  10. Just a thought: try converting a FLAC file to Apple Lossless, then try the AAC_HE conversion.
  11. iTunes can't really give error messages when it doesn't understand files. There are countless reasons why a file might not be readable.
  12. Wikipedia says: iTunes 9.2 and iOS 4 include full decoding of HE-AAC v2 parametric stereo streams. iTunes 9 thru 9.1, iPhone OS 3.1 and Fall 2009 iPods have support for HE-AAC playback for version 1 with no parametric stereo. Older versions of Apple iTunes, iPod Touch, and iPhone will play HE-AAC files at reduced fidelity because they ignore the spectral-band replication and parametric stereo information, instead playing them as though they were standard AAC-LC files without the high-frequency, or "treble," information that is only present in the SBR part of the signal.[citation needed] These will report the track length as twice its actual length.[citation needed] Maybe there's just something wrong with the files that ffmpeg is creating.
  13. kirkmc

    iTunes screws up Genres

    Don't use iCloud Music Library and you won't have any problems.
  14. kirkmc

    iTunes screws up Genres

    iTunes doesn't "capture" genres. It gets them from the Gracenote database, and from the iTunes Store. I believe that the iTunes Store has precedence, if a CD is matched when you rip it, but iTunes Store data depends on the record labels and how they want to apply genres. As for other discs, the Gracenote database is notoriously weak because a vast majority of it is crowd sourced. I'm sure there is some attention paid to major artists and labels, to ensure that the correct data is there, but as you can see when you insert a CD and iTunes shows you multiple possibilities, this isn't always the case.
  15. kirkmc

    iTunes screws up Genres

    You have music that fits in 1400 genres? Or you are saying that there is, for you, a taxonomy of 1400 genres? Select all the tracks you want to change, and enter the genre you want in the Genre field. You can do this any way you want. For example, I have genres like Classical: Keyboard, or Shakuhachi, or Dylan, because that's how I organize my music.