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  1. You're not banned, but your first post was dumb, and your second was a bit aggressive to me, so I deleted them. (I have moderator rights in this forum.) Sometimes you really don't need to chime in if you have nothing constructive to say.
  2. My guess is that it is exactly in those areas where high-res is said to be better: dynamic range and higher frequencies. It amazed my that Neil Young had people listen to his Pono device in a car...
  3. What really gets me is the aggression of some people in forums like this, as if listening to compressed music is somehow evil. I have often thought about writing an article about this, but, to be honest, the percentage of people who really care is so small that it's not worth it. I love single malt whiskey; I wouldn't criticize someone who drinks Johnny Walker. I like first-flush Darjeeling tea; I don't criticize people who make tea from teabags. And there are so many other examples. While something may be technically inferior if you look at specs, that doesn't mean that the person who disagrees with you has any less pleasure because they choose different options.
  4. And your car stereo and speakers are capable of handling the audio? Even so, you can't deny that you lose most of not all of the advantages of high-res audio in a noisy environment like that. (Unless, perhaps, you have a Bentley...)
  5. Before the iPod, other devices were using MP3s. It's not about marketing, it's about storage space. Back in 2001, storage was at a premium. (Remember, the first iPod was 5 GB.) And, as you say, it's not ideal to use very large files on mobile devices - honestly, given the way most people listen, with a lot of noise around them, I don't see the point - and I can't see that changing in the near future. There has always been a difference between what fixed computing devices and mobile devices can do, and while we're getting close to a period when data will be faster, even unlimited for many people, we're not there yet. I understand people who want to, for example, take a bunch of high-res files on their phone to play on their computers at work, but I don't understand anyone who wants to listen to high-res while walking or in the car. And AAC is not "Apple's lossy compressed equivalent;" I would have thought that most people here knew that. It's part of the MP4 specification. Apple Lossless, however, is a codec that Apple created, but it's been open source for many years.
  6. Then it's a specific user who has apps that are conflicting with Audirvana. But it's not some dumb reason like Steve Jobs reaching out from the grave to limit someone's access to high-res music. Some people here need to grow up a bit.
  7. If the TV has AirPlay, then it should be able to do both. At least that's the logic; I don't have a TV with AirPlay, nor do I know anyone who does yet. You may need to check the audio settings. I had a bear of a time figuring out how to get my soundbar working over HDMI ARC. i have an LG that's a few years old, and the menus are really confusing.
  8. Are you sure that you're signed in with an Apple ID that has a subscription? I'm pretty sure that at least the first episode is free to watch for anyone. If so, sign out of the iTunes Store & App Store and sign in again.
  9. People have tried to hack this in the past, with no success. These photos come from Apple's servers, and while some people find ways to temporarily change them in the past, it was never worth the hassle for me. I really wish you could add custom photos for artists and genres. It's worth noting that with the Music app in Catalina, if you use Apple Music, all artists have photos; if there is no artist photo on Apple's servers, the app picks a photo from an album by that artist. The ones I see in my library that uses Apple Music and Cloud Music Library are all rips of my own. So if you don't use Apple Music, then you won't see many artist photos, but if you do, you'll see a lot.
  10. I can't while it's in beta, but it's the same as it was before in iTunes.
  11. Another option is to select Miles Davis in Artists. In the View menu, choose Sort By > Year. Naturally, each album has to have the year tag set, otherwise some will be out of order. Or, select all the albums, add them to a new playlist, choose View > As Songs, click the Album header until it displays Album by Artist/Year.
  12. I'm thinking the Catalina backup munged something. Maybe give it time for iTunes to fully cache all the artwork. But it doesn't work on Catalina at all, so I'm thinking there's something that Catalina did to your artwork, settings, or caches.
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