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  1. If the artwork is embedded in your files - you added artwork to them - it won't be lost. There have been some issues with people's artwork not displaying, and,, in most cases, it does display after a few days. Worst case, the artwork is still in the files, and if you remove it and re-add it, it displays.
  2. Only fairly recent Sonos devices support AirPlay. Which devices do you have? https://support.sonos.com/s/article/1230?language=en_US
  3. A playlist folder is a playlist; if you click it, you see it’s contents. So Sonos counts them. I didn’t know that Sonos had a limit on playlists. There are too many limits with Sonos: I can’t load my entire music library because I have more tracks and Sonos supports. In any case, I only use my Sonos devices to stream to from other devices my airplay. I don’t bother to use their crappy app and their library management.
  4. No, if you add ALAC files it doesn't convert them, unless you tell it to.
  5. Try selecting all the tracks and checking the compilation tag. I can’t think of any reason other than the tracks not all being recognized as from the same album.
  6. I wonder if it has something to do with the different artists. Does the album have the compilation tag checked? Does the Album Artist tag contain the same entry for every track?
  7. There's no screenshot. This usually fixes it for me: https://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/ss.php?sp=mxalbumizeselection Have you used AppleScripts before?
  8. That doesn’t help. The format of the files is different, so you can’t just copy over the old files. For most people, all the artwork displayed after a few days. I don’t know why it take so long, but that seems to of been the case for everyone I’ve been in touch with who had problems.
  9. I'm not sure what causes folder names to be display with the .localized suffix; I have never seen it, but it simply means that the system should used the localized name of the folder if there is one for the language you've set. So it could be Musique, Musik, etc.
  10. Here's where the files should be: https://kirkville.com/locations-of-media-files-in-macos-catalina/ If you have empty iTunes and other folders, just delete them. For some reason, during the upgrade, these folders aren't deleted even if they're empty.
  11. I doubt the sound will be different but if the other computer is in use, this would give you more flexibility.
  12. That’s the problem: iTunes/Music doesn’t create a library from the files in folders, those files have to be added to the app to create the library. So either copy the old library file, or drag the Media folder onto the app sidebar to make it read it’s contents.
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