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  1. Or, if you also have your music library on a computer, you could create a smart playlist of all tracks above a certain size, and check that on the phone. But it's rarely a few songs that will make much of a difference, unless you have lots of hour-long tracks.
  2. It's Windows users who don't know anything about the Mac. As often, people chime in in forums about subjects they know little about.
  3. First, it's not "Hi-Res;" it's the same 256 kbps AAC files. Second, they've been using Mastered for iTunes files on Apple Music for a long time; they just didn't say anything. Why would they have two different types of files?
  4. What I used to do when syncing iPods was create a handful of playlists; not to play in order, but to hold what I wanted to put on my devices. So I had, say, a basic collection of jazz, another of rock, another of classical, etc. That way I didn't have to individually choose artists and albums.
  5. But all it takes is a tiny bit of difference in header information for the SHA-1 to be different.
  6. First, there is no 16 GB iPod classic. Do you mean iPod touch? As the above reply says, sometimes the iPod's database gets messed up. The easiest thing to do is restore the iPod and re-sync. You could try just turning off music syncing, syncing the iPod, then turning it back on, but I've found over the years that it's best to fully restore the device to create a new internal database. Of course, back it up first in iTunes...
  7. They probably keep the fusion drive model for education, where price is more important than speed.
  8. I can't imagine that it would be any different, but I haven't yet tried. (It's still based on the same framework, and, while there may have been updates to that framework, I can't imagine they would affect ripping other than perhaps making it faster or more efficient.) How would the "sound quality" be different if it's lossless?
  9. There are no hidden geek preferences as far as I can tell.
  10. Ah, so now it's the Finder's turn to be called "bloated."
  11. https://www.kirkville.com/itunes-doesnt-look-so-dead-to-me/
  12. Yes, my thoughts on the Apple document, etc. https://www.kirkville.com/itunes-doesnt-look-so-dead-to-me/
  13. Yes, for now, the only negatives I have seen are the lack of the column browser - which I use regularly - and the lack of a regularly saved XML file, which is useful for some third-party apps to access your library. But it's still just the first beta.
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