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  1. Just drag the files onto the top of the sidebar in the Music app, or onto a playlist. Apparently they didn't get added when you did it last week.
  2. In the latest episode of The Next Track, we talk with the pianist and author Stephen Hough, about how the lockdown is affecting him, how he has "the backside of a rhinoceros," and we discuss how classical concerts could change in the future. https://www.thenexttrack.com/177
  3. On my music podcast The Next Track, we'll be interviewing a number of musicians in the coming weeks, many of them well-known classical musicians. Instead of our usual fortnightly frequency, we'll be publishing one or two episodes a week. This week's interview is with Angela Hewitt, and on Friday, we'll be releasing an episode with Stephen Hough. https://www.thenexttrack.com/176
  4. https://dougscripts.com/apps/dupinapp.php
  5. kirkmc

    Corona Virus

    Someone posted this on twitter: You're gonna see "coronavirus can live for 17 days on surfaces!" Incorrect. *Viral RNA* was detectable after 17 days. Saying that live virus is there because viral RNA was found is like saying I must be holding a meatball sub because there's a marinara stain on my pants.
  6. It's certainly an interesting, but minor upgrade from the previous model. I'm not sure how many people use an iPad for photos, but I can see it being a killer tool for shooting video with a bigger monitor than a phone.
  7. I don't know what the cause is, but if Sonos is reading the tags in the files - the artist, album, and song info - then this shouldn't happen. I don't use Sonos with my library, because it doesn't support enough tracks, so I can't really help more than that.
  8. While there are lots of reasons to opt for minimal audio equipment, for some people there is an enduring allure for vintage stereo amps and receivers from the hi-fi heydays of the 1970s. The time when audio gear had knobs and dials and VU meters, like the fins and grilles on 1950s cars. We discuss our lust for those baroque audio devices of yore. https://www.thenexttrack.com/174
  9. Let me expand on the point I made above. I always assumed that speaker cable were passive; that any cable would work with any pairing of amplifier and speakers. Now I'm learning that is not the case. So, let's say user A has an amplifier with speaker cables - which may be cheap, or may be expensive - that don't work with their amplifier, that cause some loss in sound quality, distortion, etc. When they get another set of cables, maybe more expensive, that don't interfere with their amplifier, they will natural sound better, even if the cables themselves don't make the sound any different. In other words, all they're doing is not deteriorating the sound of an amplifier. From what I'm reading here, this is possible, and it is therefore possible that someone will hear certain cables as sounding better even though they are simply sounding the way a cable should. Is that correct? In which case, how do you know which cables will cause the sound of your system to be worse? I know that with USB-C cables, for example, not every cable provides power, has high data throughput, etc. Is there a similar way of grading speaker cables, beyond all the magical terminology used to sell them?
  10. Sorry, there shouldn't be a "not" in that last bit. And I'm not British, I'm American; I just happen to live in the UK. My point being that if a cable can make music sound better, then some cables should make it sound worse, assuming that there is a situation where the cables and amplifiers don't get along. I don't think I've read any of those claims.
  11. So hold one a minute. For years, the cable wars have divided families, led to multi-generational feuds, and broken marriages. And now you say that it's not the cables that are different, but the way amplifiers react to different cables? I find this quite stunning. Related: how many people have tried a new cable and found that their music sounded worse? Lots of people say that different cables make their setups sound better, or that they don't change anything; if cables do make a difference, then the corollary should also happen: some cables should make music sound worse, especially if it's not the cable changing the sound.
  12. You can search with Google, which can help find more obscure things, using quotes around words you want grouped, like this: "Grateful Dead" "Dark Stare" site:itunes.apple.com/us/
  13. There is no longer any "power search" capability. I have only just seen the first alternate album in a search; I was looking at Kind of Blue, where there are two versions, the original release and the "legacy" version with an extra track and some false starts and studio banter. Last week, I didn't see the alternate version, but it's showing up for me today.
  14. You'll use the new Music app for your music. If you use any other types of content, they'll go in other apps. But if you say you're using HQPlayer, A+ and Pure Music, are you not using them instead of iTunes? If you want to remain with iTunes, upgrade to Mojave.
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